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Digitalisation and monetisation of the financial sector

Driving the digitalisation of the financial services with innovative solutions for banks and insurance companies from T-Systems

Harnessing the power of data

How can the digital transformation in the financial sector be driven forward while also optimising the monetisation of digital efforts? Many financial service providers are currently facing this question. The answer: a modern and efficient digital transformation strategy. Our specialised solutions for digital banks and insurance companies harness the power of big data and analytics to ensure you are able to leverage the full potential of your financial data.


We manage the change

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Monetising data

In order to generate value from extensive and complex data, a well-thought-out data monetisation strategy is essential to bring revenue. At T-Systems, we offer end-to-end solutions that are highly tailored to the requirements of the market. Our focus is on the monetisation of data thanks to innovative approaches, such as data spaces and decentralised, secure data exchange models with guaranteed data sovereignty. These endeavours, combined with the latest standards in data management and concepts, such as data mesh and domain-based designs, support the digital transformation into a data-driven company.

Smart finance thanks to cloud advantage

In a digital world, monetising your digital efforts is crucial. Our expertise in cloud services, digital banking and data intelligence can support you in this. We offer solutions for various challenges in the banking and insurance sector, from hyperautomation to fraud and risk prevention. We take innovative approaches to this, whether through integration with fintech start-ups or cloud transformations. Our ethical approach is characterised by trust and transparency. Our tools, whether for SAP modernisation or IoT-based financing, are designed to offer you practical benefits.

Personalising touchpoints

T-Systems offers the financial sector various services to monetise its digital efforts. Our expertise in hyperautomation, cloud infrastructure transformation and ethical AI implementation helps to create personalised, value-driven digital interactions that lead to growth and lasting customer relationships.

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