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Managed Cloud Services for Google Cloud

Modernize your infrastructure and application landscape with Google Cloud

Flexible and scalable IT resources from the public cloud

In the space of just a few years, Google Cloud has become one of the largest cloud providers. As the market leader in data-driven business solutions, Google Cloud is automating business processes and optimizing workloads. Intelligent analytics can help you unlock vast potential to efficiently develop and manage your organization’s applications. Enjoy state-of-the-art security, flexible multi-cloud management, and streamlined operations. With AI and ML integration, gain valuable insights and drive innovation. Flourish in the cloud era with comprehensive advantages. 

Google Cloud Premier Partner


As a Google Cloud Premier Partner in the Sell and Service Engagement Model, T-Systems has certified expertise in Google Cloud. We pair this with our extensive and long-standing specialist expertise in cloud infrastructures. This includes setting up and operating public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments as well as local landscapes. We carry out holistic analysis of the architecture, security, and operation of an IT infrastructure, know what questions to ask, provide guidance, and make recommendations across all industries.

Our Google Cloud specialization

Google Cloud Specialization Badges for Infrastructure and Security

Discover our range of specialized expertise, showcasing proven success in infrastructure and security. Partnered with Google Cloud, we have built customer infrastructure and workflows, demonstrating our competence and achievements in delivering exceptional solutions.

Infrastructure specialization

Our accomplishments affirm our dedication to delivering solutions that unlock Google Cloud’s full potential, coupled with our expertise in shaping tailored Google Cloud infrastructures. Our mastery of Compute Engine, Kubernetes, and more serves as the foundation of our designs. With adeptness in security, networking, and real-time insights, we ensure uncompromised excellence.

Security specialization

In the realm of critical security, our achievement shines uniquely, demonstrating significant success in securing customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud. Leveraging advanced tools such as Cloud Security Command Center Premium, Cloud Security Scanner, and Cloud Data Loss Prevention and more, we showcase our mastery. Our proven ability to design, build, migrate, test, and operate tailor-made security solutions is evidenced through documented customer engagements.

Secured, qualified, and sustainable

For the global operation of data centers and the Google Cloud, Google opts for 100% renewable energies, thus committing itself to global climate neutrality. Experience has shown that shifting your IT services into the Google Cloud enables energy savings of up to 85%.

Google Cloud offers a robust and comprehensive suite of security layers to protect your data, applications, and infrastructure. These security layers are built on Google’s many years of experience and backed by extensive certifications organization such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and BSI C5.

How T-Systems protects our customer’s cloud environment using Google Cloud products

Consulting workshops for Google Cloud

Regardless of whether you are already using Google Cloud or are looking to experience it for the first time, we are on hand with various consulting modules. Our experts are happy to provide you with individual and holistic advice – covering everything from architecture and security aspects to operation. In this way acute bottlenecks, risks, and costs can be reduced.

Google Cloud’s deep defense strategy includes multiple layers of security to protect infrastructure and customer data. The following is a summary of the main layers of Google Cloud Security:

“Save and optimize” workshop for those already using GCP resources

In the “save and optimize” workshop, we help you to shrewdly exploit potential for efficient workflows and production processes and support you with short-term implementations.

“Getting Ready” to use Google Cloud for the first time

Do you want to know if and how Google Cloud can cover your digital requirements? Then ask for a “getting ready” advisory session to receive an individual potential and risk analysis with an assessment from our cloud experts. This allows irregularities to be detected at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated promptly. In doing so, you will be able to take advantage of optimum and customized Google Cloud services right from the start.

Individual consulting and onboarding to the Google Cloud

Remain flexible in the management of your local applications and across various cloud providers without having to be locked-in with particular hardware.

If desired, we can help you analyze your specific requirements and develop the appropriate, customized solution. We support you right from conception to final implementation in your cloud landscape. Our Google Premier Partner status means that you benefit from having a unique team of experienced Google experts with a deep understanding of cross-industry use cases in the cloud. Backed by previous customer projects, our experts can support you and draw on their experience with a wide range of Google Cloud products and features for common use cases: 

  • Identity management with the help of Cloud Identity, Cloud IAM, and 2-step verification
  • Infrastructure automation using Cloud Build, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Source Repository, and Cloud Firestore
  • Networking with Partner Interconnect, Cloud Routers, VPCs, Cloud NAT, Cloud DNS, and Cloud Firewall rules
  • Compute Engine
  • Security relating to organizational policies, Cloud KMS, Secret Manager, Cloud Resource Manager, and SCC
  • Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging

We look forward to your project!

Still not sure if Google Cloud offers the right solution for your cloud project? Our Google Cloud experts are happy to explain the benefits and answer all of your questions. Get in touch!

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