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Quantum computing: cooperation starts with market leader AQT

T-Systems customers gain access to quantum computers from European market leader AQT

10 January 2024

Partnership supports Europe’s sovereignty in the field of quantum computing

Customers of the T-Systems Quantum Cloud can now access quantum computers from AQT. The Innsbruck-based company is the European market leader in the construction of ion trap-based quantum computers. Ion trap-based quantum computers are characterised in particular by the high quality of their calculations. With this partnership, the two companies are strengthening Europe’s sovereignty in this critical future technology. Initial test runs of the integration have already been successful, and customers can already get started with the solution and dedicated consulting services from T-Systems.

Easy entry into quantum computing in various volume packages

T-Systems customers can develop quantum use cases on AQT’s quantum computers via cloud access. This connection to AQT will be integrated into the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary’s multi-quantum cloud offering. T-Systems supports Quantum Cloud customers with training and enablement. Customers also have access to ready-made quantum algorithms and applications on the European PlanQK platform. The platform offers companies easy entry into quantum computing with ready-made programming modules. All services can be combined in various packages. Both computing time-based usage models and volume packages are offered. The packages range from one-day introductions to business case proofs-of-concept lasting several months.

First customers already live on the T-Systems Quantum Cloud

Jörn Kellermann, SVP Global Portfolio and Technology Excellence at T-Systems, explains: “We identified quantum computing early on as a critical key technology for the future. The first customers are already live on the T-Systems Quantum Cloud and the cooperation with AQT expands their possibilities – on a sovereign, European infrastructure.”

Together with T-Systems, we offer our customers hands-on access to the best quantum computers in Europe. We are convinced that the synergy between our quantum computers and T-Systems’ cloud infrastructure will open up completely new capabilities and markets for Europe.

Thomas Monz, CEO and founder of AQT

About AQT quantum computers

AQT is the European market leader in the construction of ion trap-based quantum computers. AQT, as a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, builds on more than 2 decades of experience in the research and development of ion trap quantum computers. It was the first company in the world to develop a system that is housed directly in standard 19-inch rack cabinets, such as those used in data centres. AQT has achieved a quantum volume of 128, making it the most powerful system in Europe. Several AQT partners have already successfully implemented demonstrations in the fields of chemistry, portfolio optimisation, risk analysis and process optimisation. With the support of the EIC (European Innovation Council) and the QCDC project (Quantum Computers for Data Centers), AQT makes quantum computers available via the cloud to European and international researchers, public institutions and industry.

About quantum computing

Quantum computing opens up new approaches for the design of algorithms. This technology can be used to solve problems that are too complex for today’s computers. Experts predict great potential in the areas of machine learning, security, optimisation and simulation.

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