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Expand your cloud architecture with Private Access Protect Pro

Perfect transparency of user rights for mobile workplaces

Zero Trust – even in the home office

Additional options for secure online work from the home office are increasingly in demand. However, the existing infrastructures often do not provide the necessary capacity. With Private Access Protect Pro, organizations can provide their employees with fast, secure, and reliable remote access to applications and services – all according to their own security policies. This allows you to create mobile workplaces quickly and without limits, while increasing your cyber security.

Cyber security in focus with private internet access

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When it comes to business applications, employers should not trust anyone. We call this the ‘zero trust’ principle. The problem with today's solutions: once inside the classic virtual private network (VPN), you have one foot in the door to the corporate network. This is not only a source of uncertainty, but also leads to frustration for legitimate users. In order to secure the applications in the VPN, extensive measures are required, which often make things complex for the user or slow them down. Private Access Protect Pro is the solution: Applications are individually segmented and made accessible via the cloud.

Basic home office knowledge

How do companies protect their remote workstations from IT threats? Our whitepaper provides tips.

Secure connections - secure home offices

Virtual private networks (VPN) are no longer state of the art. The IP-based solution provides the user with access to the internal network first of all – the data and applications that individual users are allowed to see must be secured separately. This creates complexity and a sometimes slow, suboptimal user experience for employees. At the same time, if hackers succeed in getting into the VPN, they have a starting point for attempts to crack any of your services. In addition, companies must also protect VPN access laboriously and very effectively against DDoS attacks. If such a blockade succeeds through mass attacks, the entire network with all its applications immediately becomes inaccessible to legitimate users.

Private Access Protect Pro is a cloud solution that is quick and easy to implement and can be expanded indefinitely, thus enabling you to guarantee the continuity of your business even in times of crisis!

Dirk Backofen, former Head of Telekom Security

Secure in the home office even without a VPN connection

Private Access Protect Pro is based on technology from Zscaler and takes a whole new approach. Applications are mapped in the cloud via connectors and can only be used individually by authorized users – without them even having to be in the company network! This is not only safer and simpler, but also faster, since the detour of each request via the VPN access point is eliminated. Access to the private apps runs smoothly and without interruption. The legitimate user only sees the application he needs in order to work. Unlike in a corporate network over VPN, other applications remain hidden and inaccessible. This is what modern cyber security looks like in the home office.

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