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Common Criteria Evaluation Services

Verified security helps to defend against cyber attacks

Verified security for all situations

Evaluations and certification show customers that a company takes the risks involved in data privacy seriously and works to minimize them – in other words, verified security.

Lab tests determine whether an IT product or system provides suitable security measures and accurately and effectively complies with the user’s individual security requirements. If so, the product or system can be certified based on test results. 

For many applications, their release or design approval depends on a successful security evaluation. The Common Criteria (CC) are the most important IT security standard, adopted in almost all major industrial countries.  

Independent and objective evaluations

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T-Systems has its own Common Criteria lab with the latest advanced equipment for evaluating hardware and software. 

Our consultants plan and conduct the verified security evaluation process,  pointing out weak areas to customers and bringing them up-to-date on the latest attack methods and scenarios. This lays down the foundation for creating sustainable security measures and building a reputation as a leading supplier of security technology.

Worldwide Acceptance

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T-Systems is also accredited and our evaluation reports are accepted by APACS in Great Britain, APCA in Australia, CETREL in Luxembourg, Currence in the Netherlands, epci in Belgium, ep2 and Telekurs in Switzerland, ETSL in New Zealand, Interac in Canada, NETS in Singapore, PBS in Denmark, the banks in Austria, the banks in Sweden, and the banks in Norway (Bankenes Betalings Sental).

Requirements and Approach

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