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Does IT and Business get your heart pumping? The same with us. That is why we are looking for people like you, and why we offer professional people all sorts of ways into the company and exciting prospects. Whether Account Executives, IT architect, IT project Manager or Service Delivery Manager, we have the right job for IT enthusiasts.
Rikke Spangenberg

VP Human Resource

Experts wanted

Are you equally at home with IT and with people? Are you always up-to-the-minute with hardware and software, and have optimized your clients' companies with your IT strategies? Are you used to establishing guidelines on large IT projects, and do you remain clear-sighted even in stressful situations? Do you like to work with your team to develop unusual new ideas?
For experts like yourself, we offer all sorts of ways into the company. We can offer Account Executives, IT Architects, IT Project Managers and Service Delivery Managers exciting prospects. Do you enjoy exploring new avenues? If so, come and join us.
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Get to know Guilherme from Brazil, Ryan from China, Jan from Czech Republic, Florian from Singapore or Lara from T-Systems International and so on. Our team all over the world.

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The new proximity to people, brands and markets
We are maintaining our long-term position in the market with end-to-end digitization and IT transformation.

Magenta Security
With the Magenta Security portfolio Telekom Security offers security services to all customer segments of the Deutsche Telekom Group – Consumers, SMBs and Multinationals. Secure, easy and simple to use services – this is our claim. Become part of our startup-team!

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