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Here’s why you should care about data

Data can give you a competitive advantage. It can tell you how your customers’ needs are evolving and what they will ask for next. ISG’s market research concluded that data-driven values are not merely an incremental benefit – they are fundamental in order to retain market leadership or compete effectively with other leading companies. In an evolving market, data helps you stay ahead.

How do you get this data? The good news is you are probably creating it already. But this is only the first step. True future-ready enterprises are transformed by data: not just using it to improve existing models, but to build entirely new ones, led by smart, secure and sustainable thinking.

The future is data driven


of global business data is ‘dark’: not used, analyzed or even measured¹


ISG highlights the data-driven, analytics-based customer experience as the number one growth priority for European businesses in 2021²

1.3 billion

Tesla has collected 1.3 billion miles of driving data, which it uses to train its autonomous driving algorithms ²


The EU’s ambition is for 75% of enterprises to adopt the technologies that support data-driven decisions by 2030 ²

¹ Splunk, 2019, ² ISG Whitepaper: Making a Data Driven Organization, 2021

White paper: Winning with Edge Computing

Enhance your competitive edge by inducing Edge computing at the core of your digital technology platforms.

Make your data work for you

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Today, business operations generate more data than ever. This data is incredibly powerful – but too often it is ‘locked away’ from the teams that really need it. Data-driven enterprises are reversing this trend: realizing the enormous opportunities that arise from freeing and harnessing data.

With Europe entering a Digital Decade, now is the right time to get data out of silos, make it securely available across your organization, and enter strategic partnerships to deploy Industry 4.0 technologies that produce clear, actionable business insights.

ISG white paper: Making a data driven enterprise

How do you begin your data transformation journey? Download our white paper for deeper insights into the steps to data-driven success and the organizational thinking that underlies real change.

Secure business benefits

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As an end-to-end services provider, T-Systems can supply tailored solutions to meet your use case – including cloud-based analytics, campus edge solutions, and advanced AI packages. Furthermore, we don’t just take care of the tech, but the insight too – employing a leading suite of Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tools to select, structure and visualize data, powering timely and predictive decision-making. This is all achieved with a ‘security first’ approach that allows you to meet requirements in terms of data security, sovereignty and access management. 

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Achieve top-down transformation

Data-driven enterprises are immediately empowered to create value and boost their efficiency. More widely, data can enable a full culture shift, allowing teams to embrace ‘smart thinking’ and freeing them from unproductive tasks.

At T-Systems, we are focused on making this a reality for every industry and enterprise. With a collaborative approach, we really get inside our customers’ organizations, determining how to optimally combine our cloud, edge and on-premises technologies, how to quickly achieve measurable benefits, and how to achieve a lasting transformation that employees embrace.

Our data offerings

Become data driven

Do you have questions about how a data-driven enterprise works? Are you struggling with a specific data challenge in your organization? Let us apply our knowhow and experience to your situation – get in touch for a consultation.

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