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Intelligent Enterprises – Making data think

Find out how intelligently linked data can be turned into an integrated knowledge pool.

Use information to stay one step ahead of the competition

Networked companies generate huge amounts of data, but how to make best use of this treasure trove? Only those who use smart technologies to generate useful information to guide future decisions will be able to make their business more flexible, efficient and successful. T-Systems helps you to create the necessary digital structures and optimize processes.

Make data think in three steps

T-Systems supports you in filtering data and exploiting the potential of relevant information through targeted processing – while maintaining the highest security standards and full control over your data. These three steps are crucial:

1. How you can streamline data analysis

Having data in different systems, in different formats with varying levels of quality presents a big problem. You can streamline the data analysis process by optimizing data generation, making it more user-friendly, system-independent and standardized.

2. How to gain a competitive advantage

To gain an edge over the competition, you have to be in a position to evaluate the data quickly, easily and cost-effectively and convert it into relevant information. To provide the right user with the right product at the right time and place, you focus on key issues and allow well-founded and efficient conclusions to be drawn. Technical solutions such as edge computing, big data signal processing, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT platforms assist you in your efforts to achieve this.

3. Making processes more efficient

Relevant information, integrated into your processes and applications, increases your efficiency: Accelerate your processes and make your business smarter and more adaptable. More efficient material usage with the help of AI-supported sales forecasts, for example, saves costs and is sustainable. It is possible to bring products to market faster with data-supported development processes. Digital tools such as apps, service portals and the use of augmented reality improve workflows and reduce the workload of your employees.

Edge computing for networked production

Digital value chains lead to ever more data and processing algorithms. Edge computing can help you cope with the flood of data. T-Systems will provide you with the right tools – securely and reliably. Watch the video to find out more!

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How we put solutions into practice across industries

  • Sheet piling is used to secure construction pits or gaps in the terrain. Thanks to built-in sensors and IoT, civil engineering equipment specialist Bauer AG can detect even the smallest movements – and thus prevent sheet piling from collapsing and injuring people.
  • Physical inventory counting is both laborious and time-consuming – especially for companies with very large and complex warehouses. With the help of drones and AI, you can digitize inventories and save 50 percent of the time required for inventory counting.
  • The Land of Saxony uses a state-of-the-art flood information system to warn its citizens in good time and initiate protective measures. 
  • The operators of the Beijing Airport use data to have all flight-relevant information in real time, enabling them to further optimize flight handling and provide staff and passengers with more detailed information.
  • The development and testing of new cars generates enormous amounts of data. This data has to be evaluated quickly to allow engineers to make timely adjustments and thus bring the finished model to market faster and at lower cost.

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