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Innovations for the automotive industry

Whether it's all things car-related or in development and production: T-Systems is a long-standing innovation partner for the automotive industry

3D workshops in the virtual innovation center

People working on PCs and discussing in the workshop center

Our Innovation Center in Munich is a creative laboratory and showroom for innovations and trends. Customers participate in interactive workshops as 3D avatars. Approximately 400 3D avatars of T-Systems employees are available to hold 3D innovation workshops and work with you to develop innovative solutions. Digital methods and tools are available for this in the digital space. Internal and external experts are closely involved in this process in order to ask the right questions, share their expertise and demonstrate effective solutions live. Different types of media, such as audio and video conferences or live stream cameras, can be used in the virtual world so that external experts can be called in for assistance. The virtual innovation center is therefore a real collaboration platform.

The mixture of 3D avatars on stage combined with video conferencing is a new, and very realistic backdrop. Following the uncertainty and depression of the Corona crisis, this event brought enthusiasm. For us as customers, it was also a convincing demonstration of your technical expertise.

Roland Schütz, EVP and CIO of Lufthansa Group Airlines and Digital Initiatives

Secure remote control of AI-based vehicles

Bird's eye view of an autonomous car being driven down a street

Autonomous driving is not possible without high-quality data networks. That is why T-Systems is developing processes that enable stable connections with guaranteed bandwidths for the automotive industry. Together with the Israeli AI specialist Ottopia, T-Systems carried out a pilot project for remote-controlled driving, in which a driver from Germany drove a passenger car along a test route in Tel Aviv. To be able to do this, the AI must calculate the behavior of the networks in a matter of seconds. Data rate and compression can then be adjusted based on these predictions. Leveraging its expertise in developing and operating services for connected vehicles, T-Systems integrates the core solution into the IT environment of car manufacturers and fleet customers.

The future belongs to connected cars

View into the cockpit of a connected car with icons for the software services

Together with several major manufacturers in the industry, we are further developing our central platform for the connected car. These connected car platforms provide vehicles worldwide with software and status information and control communication between the vehicle and the necessary services with high efficiency. These include over-the-air updates. T-Systems also provides support in managing connected vehicle devices, for example. The market has a wide variety of public cloud services available for operating connected car platforms, which currently manage around 23 million connected cars.  

Predictive maintenance for your pocket

 Person tapping on cell phone display; a robot arm is performing welding work in the background

Unplanned downtime costs the global automotive industry and automotive suppliers time and money. With "Machine Service in a Pocket", T-Systems and Senseforce have developed an innovative solution that displays important machine values and key figures on a mobile device. In the event of warnings or anomalies, T-Systems provides the technical drawing and the service manual, thus helping to avoid production downtimes. Senseforce connects the machines, transfers that data to the cloud, and creates dashboards and reports that users can configure. The solution can be connected to the first production lines in as little as two days.

Virtual workshops for automotive innovations

 Person giving a lecture, symbols, graphs and numbers are in the foreground

Our workshops range from expert talks to virtual encounters in the 3D innovation center with digitalized exhibits and collaboration tools. Working together with you, our experts dive deep into the detail, providing creative and instructive support to help your company experience innovations for itself.

How about one of these topics?

  • Employee protection & process security in times of crisis
  • Multi-cloud (e.g. with GAIA-X and Sovereign Cloud)
  • Automotive and IT security
  • Big data analytics & edge computing
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Connected car
  • In-car software
  • Robotic process automation
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