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Data Center: The Beating Heart of Every Bank

Future-proofing data centers with cloud infrastructures, modernization of legacy systems and business software.

Future cloud infrastructure: cloud and legacy from a single source

Bringing the IT systems to the cloud for all locations at a touch of a button is rarely possible. This also applies to banks that cannot yet do without legacy applications, on-premise systems and software in their data centers. But how can they still benefit from IT cloud services without having to migrate or remove legacy applications and business software in the data center? After all, the ongoing operation of business-critical IT resources in the data center must not be put at risk. The Future Cloud Infrastructure from T-Systems as a managed private cloud service combines legacy and on-premise systems with private and public clouds. The result is a highly secure private cloud environment with all the features of a public cloud in the cloud data center.

Multi & hybrid cloud: managing the cloud orchestra centrally

Even in the future, the IT architecture and IT components of a bank will not solely involve cloud infrastructure in external data centers. In addition to on-premise systems in in-house data centers, private cloud as well as multi and hybrid public cloud will continue to be used. The operation of this orchestra of hyperscaler services, private cloud solutions and mainframe on-premise systems can be managed flexibly, with high quality and secured by comprehensive security solutions with a modular framework from T-Systems. We show how banks can get their entire IT infrastructure under control with new applications, modern platforms and new systems and make the IT orchestra sound harmonious.

Cloud billing: backbone for all financial services

The platform economy enables banks to innovate and operationalize the client interface in an innovative and customer-centric way. It represents the management of the backbone for all digital offerings of a bank. Successful platform-based business models are also characterized by a technologically integrated all-in-one approach. With the cloud billing platform from T-Systems as a service module, banks can implement billing models for products or services with few interfaces. Partners or third-party solutions can easily be accessed through standardized interfaces. In this way, new technologies, sales opportunities and business models can be monetized.

Does your security architecture protect your cloud? Is your customer’s financial data safe on cloud?

Read our whitepaper "IT-Security for Financial Institutions in Cloud age" and find out how financial institutions can overcome security reservations and compliance challenges.

Mainframe modernization: Making legacy systems and legacy IT agile and fit for the future

The condemned live longer. The mainframe as the central backbone of bank IT has not had its day despite the triumph of cloud computing. For financial service providers, it is vital to ensure maximum protection of their clients’ data from unauthorized access. And there is still skepticism, especially when it comes to public cloud services. At the same time, banks have to bring their antiquated data center architecture into the modern age. T-Systems shows how this can be done with “zFuture”, a secure modernization path that modernizes existing systems and older applications on the mainframe in an agile and gradual way.

SAP service on any cloud: operate SAP securely anywhere

Banks’ opinions on this topic have always been divided. While some believe that SAP is finished with regard to banks, others believe that SAP is only at the beginning of its journey in the financial institutions sector. As nearly every bank has a SAP module in operation, they will have to consider whether they need to go to the cloud with SAP, migrate to S/4HANA or switch to other vendors. No matter which decision companies make with regard to SAP: As the largest SAP hosting provider in Germany, T-Systems offers an optimally tailored service for SAP solutions with over 20 years of experience: whether for migration to S/4HANA, to the public cloud or operation in a private cloud.

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AI goes banking: optimizing customer engagement with artificial intelligence

Banks are still hesitant to use AI, although studies show that there is confidence in the benefits of artificial intelligence. As a result, four in five financial institutions are planning to increase their AI investments by 2025, as they see AI as critical to unlocking new growth opportunities and reducing costs. This is because AI technologies make banking processes faster and back-end operations more efficient. AI is also an alternative solution to increase customer engagement, as chatbots and robo-advisors make it possible to interact with clients 24/7 and offer products and services tailored to individual needs. For example, microcredits can be granted in real time using i.a. smartphones.

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