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Digitalize Key Processes and Tasks

New business models with big data, software bots for routine tasks, develop blockchain technology

Big Data: new business models using data analysis

Data and databases are digital gold – provided that companies consolidate their existing data stocks, expand them with freely accessible unstructured data and evaluate them with big data analysis. This makes it possible, for example, to thoroughly analyze different banking channels using big data technologies, weigh up the revenue from a service and identify any losses and inefficiencies. New business models or strategies can also be developed with the help of big data. Last but not least, organizations optimize their sales approach and customer loyalty. To do this, T-Systems provides banks with the Data Intelligence Hub, a platform to enable them to convert data into company assets.

Blockchain for banking: Securing transactions

Blockchain technology and blockchain networks are making a lasting change on the financial sector. They could allow new business models to emerge and others to disappear. Blockchain technology allows for faster, more secure, and cost-efficient payment transactions and securities trading. The financial sector is also predestined to use blockchain in the context of cryptocurrencies. Banks, too, can prevent transactions and financial data from being retrospectively manipulated in the blockchain. Our blockchain solution center offers banks the opportunity to develop ideas for use in blockchain technology and implement them in a proof of concept.

Robotic process automation: Software bots take over routine jobs

Recurrent, repetitive tasks take up time and wear down employees' appetite for work. Jobs which are time-consuming, repetitive, error-prone and which have previously been carried out manually can be processed with the automated help of digital software bots at a lower cost and with greater levels of quality. Experience tells us that, by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), outlay can be reduced by up to 70 per cent. In banks, they are suited to the company departments of finance, purchasing, HR, and IT and can be implemented independently of manufacturer and regardless of platform.

Cryptocurrency business: Securely managing Bitcoins etc.

Safekeeping and securing cryptocurrencies is a new financial service. Crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ripple are digitally represented assets which, because of their encryption techniques for digital data, are especially resistant against manipulation. In crypto assets, the entity being protected is not an object; the aim is to prevent any one individual taking control of the asset. T-Systems offers banks an "Enterprise-all-in solution" based on blockchain to fully safeguard and generate returns of digital currencies and to generate returns with crypto assets. The solution conforms to the prescribed BaFin regulations.

Experts on demand: IT experts with tailor-made skills

The wheel of IT innovation turns at an exceptional rate. Companies are also constantly on the lookout for experts with new skills who will evaluate innovations, step in to projects at short notice or who are only required for a short period of time. For half of all companies, these external IT experts are in fact essential. T-Systems provides banks with suitable IT experts with the right skills, flexibly and at short notice, for a wide range of technical competencies: with no long-term commitment, on site or remotely, full-time or part-time employment. Subjects such as artificial intelligence, cloud, customer experience, online banking, blockchain, data analytics or digital technologies are also covered.

We look forward to your project!

We are happy to advise on interesting IT developments and technologies which will also facilitate the digital transformation for your financial institution. Our IT and banking experts show you which IT solutions will help you master your challenges. 

Security: Detect and immediately ward off attacks quickly

Mobile banking, cross-institutional digital processes, and the integration of third-party providers are creating more and more opportunities for cybercriminals to strike. Strict, statutory provisions mean that banks also need to make greater investment in the security of their IT systems and protect sensitive client data. This means that banks have to spend even more money to meet IT security requirements. T-Systems operates its own security operation center (SOC) to protect its own critical network and IT infrastructure. This expertise is also available to clients in self-managed SOCs or in SOCs that are outsourced and operated by T-Systems security experts.

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