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Welcome to the smart city

With smart and innovative solutions, T-Systems supports cities and local authorities to facilitate the life of their citizens

Everyone wants access to the smart city

More and more cities are looking into the idea of the "smart city". They have recognized that technological innovation can help to make life in the city modern, citizen-friendly, and attractive for businesses. The possibilities range from solutions for improving traffic in cities to intelligent lighting systems. But it's not just major cities but also smaller towns and local authorities that can become "smart". T-Systems supports you with solutions on the way to the smart city.

Our mission, our solutions

Crossed road junction at dusk. In the center of the picture is a red traffic light.

Most cities and municipalities face similar challenges: mobility, deserted city centers, resource scarcity, security, and efficient administration are likely to be the most prominent ones. T-Systems offers a fitting solution for each challenge. 

Example of mobility: Our intelligent mobility solutions are diverse. They range from personalized mobility services to intelligent traffic control.

Example of digital settlement management: The digital basis for revitalizing city centers stems vacancies in city centers and helps the municipality to sustainably manage inner-city development. The solution involves recording the city's vacancy rate and creating a digital, city-owned data space that maps, manages and automates the local real estate listings.

Example of resource management: An intelligent lighting concept alone saves cities money - for example using the smart street lighting enabled by T-Systems.

Example of security: Our Security Operation Center protects digital infrastructures in the smart city and provides maximum protection against cyber attacks.

Example of administration: The entire city in an app is no longer just a pipe-dream. With the "Citykey" public service app, cities get citizen-friendly solutions for public services and other services. In return, citizens get easy access to administrative services.

We look forward to your project!

Do you have any questions concerning the planning, implementation or maintenance of your digitalization project? Contact us and one of our experts will be in touch with you to answers all your questions.

We help you set up your smart city

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Connecting, digitalization, integration of technological solutions - T-Systems can help you in these areas: 

  • we create the foundations with powerful, mobile and fixed communications structures
  • We offer flexible cloud infrastructures as a digital foundation and central link for previously separate applications
  • We shape varied services and applications from all areas of a city's infrastructure
  • We offer advice, introduction, integration and operation - everything from a single source.
  • We will satisfy the high requirements for data protection and security for you and your citizens. 
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