3D robot arms working in the future factory

Industrial Metaverse: Building Sustainable Reality

28th May | Explore how the Industrial Metaverse boosts sustainability, cuts costs, and enhances operations

Unlocking Sustainable Business Value with Industrial Metaverse & Energy Management

The Industrial Metaverse is a new AI-based technology that enables corporations to virtualize product development, factory design and work process planning, internal onboarding, and training, as well as offer stellar new customer experiences. The potential is vast and can be leveraged in many scenarios. It not only drives technology operational cost savings but also supports the sustainability agenda, as resource usage can be optimized.

NVIDIA Omniverse and T-Systems

Together with NVIDIA, we define the Industrial Metaverse and provide insights on reaping the benefits of this revolutionary technology. You can also look forward to learning more about how one of the world’s leading car manufacturers has gained 30% cost savings in constructing a new factory by using Industrial Metaverse—it’s mesmerizing!

Explore the Future of Energy Management with the Industrial Metaverse Event

A computer chip illustrates an eco friendly concept of new life

In conjunction to meeting ambitious sustainability objectives energy usage has become a focal area to manage and reduce. In this session, you can learn more about T-Systems Energy Management solution that via IoT technology provides corporations with an overview of their energy consumption, enabling them to build plans for energy reductions.

The event is made for decision makers, who want to learn more about how Industrial Metaverse can provide business value and how to obtain control of energy consumption. During the event we will connect to our innovation centre in Munich to make live demonstrations. Find more information in the full agenda.

Dates and registration


May 28, 2024

8:30 a.m - 12:00 p.m CET

Bella Sky Conference & Event Hotel


  • 08.30              Arrival & light breakfast
  • 09.00              Welcome & introduction
  • 09.15                T-Systems & NVIDIA Partnership
  • 09.30               Industrial Metaverse: Drive new business value
  • 10.30               Break
  • 10.50               Energy Management: Optimize your energy consumption
  • 11.30                Next steps
  • 12.00               Lunch at Treehouse restaurant

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Step into the Industrial Metaverse with NVIDIA and T-Systems

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