Transformation in die Cloud - welche Cloud darf es sein?
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Oct 26, 2018 ESA, the European Space Agency, creates satellite data of the Earth. This data is accessible to everyone in the Open Telekom Cloud. Find out more
Feb 20, 2017 Data analytics is no longer possible without the cloud. Why is this the case, and why is this combination in particular helping companies forge ahead? Find out more
Dec 13, 2016 Current threats like ransomware demand new safeguards. Cloud security helps companies to counter these threats. Find out more
Sep 22, 2016 What really matters, which services are the right ones for companies and why the multi-cloud is so in demand. Find out more
Aug 4, 2016 More and more companies are using the cloud – and increasingly hybrid clouds. An essential prerequisite for many are the high standards for security and data protection. Find out more