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White Paper: SAP Market Research

Discover how far Nordic companies are with their SAP transformation and get concrete recommendations for your own journey

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How far are you with your SAP transformation?

T-Systems has commissioned IDC to conduct an in-depth market research across the Nordic market. In total, 400 companies have provided insights to how far they are in their SAP transformation journey. You can learn more about what challenges the corporations have encountered on their journey and the outcomes they have achieved. We invite you to explore the study in our white paper, where we have turned the insights into concrete recommendations to help you thrive through your SAP transformation.

Key Highlights

  • Read industry insights on why a digital business demands a modern ERP setup
  • Get insights to which challenges and outcomes Nordic companies have experienced and achieved during their SAP transformation
  • Learn which KPIs are essential to measure success
  • Explore how the business and IT side looks at the SAP environment
  • Discover the relevance of partnering
  • Find concrete recommendations to succeed with your SAP transformation


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