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White paper: How to model your cloud ERP support organization

Your blueprint for managing your ERP applications – including SAP – in the cloud, in your new role as a cloud services broker

Shifting ERP applications to the cloud is only the beginning

By 2025, over 70% of organizations adopting ERP cloud applications will have reconfigured their internal support structures to meet their agility and improvement goals. This statistic is just one indicator of the dramatic change in how they will manage applications and the new dynamics between their IT team and vendor. The emerging trend demands a revolutionary support model and a cultural shift, heralding exciting career opportunities.

Two of Gartner's ERP analysts share insights and offer direction, including

  • Why it is vital to update your ERP support structure
  • A blueprint for your new ERP cloud operating model
  • The new roles and responsibilities, including example organizational charts
  • How to establish an ERP governance framework
  • Practical advice for making quick and manageable changes to support and improve your ERP applications


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Get ready for the new way of working: Download the white paper

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