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Jens Koehler

Product and Engineering Lead for AWS

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Jens Koehler, Product and Engineering Lead for AWS

Jens Koehler is the Product Manager and Engineering Lead for AWS in T-Systems International - one of the world's leading digital services providers. He is a certified AWS Solution Architect and Security Specialist and has more than 18 years of experience in IT in various sectors ranging from retail, healthcare, pharmacy, and IoT etc.

After university, he worked as a software engineer, architect, team lead, software development director, product manager, and leading teams around the globe. With his technical background and a strong focus on business needs, he helped to develop products for many enterprise-grade customers, drive digitalization initiatives, and supported customers to utilize the full potential of cloud computing.

Jens is a believer in agile and a "can-do attitude" and even worked as a certified Scrum Master. Even in his leisure time, he loves to play with technology, like SmartHome, IT/web services, or Alexa.

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