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Two key barriers hindering a successful SAP transformation

Understand which two key barriers can affect your SAP transformation and what you need to consider to overcome these.

28. July 2022Peter Hecht

Two interrelated challenges are the key barriers for a successful SAP transformation

T-Systems has commissioned IDC to conduct a market research study that investigates how far Nordic companies are in the SAP transformation journey anno 2022. 400 companies have participated in the survey, which reveals that two interrelated challenges constitute the key barriers for a successful SAP transformation.

The evident talent gap

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Across industries, employers are experiencing challenges with attracting critical IT skills. The vigorous hunt for talents and competencies has been on for years in the Nordic region and with the apparently unstoppable demand for further digitalization the situation seems only to become even more competitive in the future.

This is also the fact for the surveyed companies in our market research. Concordant the respondents point to the lack of resources and competencies constitute the largest challenge for successfully being able to initiate and complete their SAP transformation programs.

Complexity fortifies the skill challenge

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Interestingly, our market research reveals yet another barrier, which is interrelated to the skillset gap. Over the past decades, companies have built and implemented tailored and customized solutions to support their business. Now, when working on their SAP transformation programs, they experience challenges to migrate these customizations. As a result, companies will either need to spend more resources on these – or replace the customizations with more standardized modules or functionalities. This, however, is likely to require changes in both user experiences and business processes.

Companies should therefore be aware of own customizations as it leads to additional need for competent resources. The research study depicts that Nordic companies to a large extent leverages external suppliers to solve their resource and competence challenges. More than 50% of the respondents say they use at least one vendor to their SAP projects and operations.  

Get all the insights and learnings from our market research

We invite you to explore all insights and learnings from our market research. Download the study and get seven concrete recommendations to help you thrive through your SAP transformation journey. Download the report here.

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