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T-Systems is leading SAP® provider

T-Systems has been positioned as a Leader across 8 quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™ for SAP HANA® and Leonardo® Services 2020.

07. August 2020

International leader positioning for SAP®

In July 2020, the Information Services Group (ISG) positioned T-Systems as a leading provider for “SAP HANA® & Leonardo® Ecosystem Partners” in Germany and Brazil. In Germany, T-Systems received leader ratings in five categories, and two in Brazil. The leader positioning in the Nordics region (Managed Platform Services for SAP HANA®) verifies the increasing importance of T-Systems as a SAP® provider in Scandinavia.

ISG acknowledges the performance of T-Systems


The ISG analysts rated T-Systems as a strong provider of services for SAP HANA® and Leonardo®. This includes services for the transformation to SAP S/4HANA® for large accounts, managed services for platforms and applications, as well as services related to SCP (SAP Cloud Platform), Leonardo®, and HANA®-based applications for analytics. In these segments, ISG analysts rated T-Systems as the leading provider in Germany based on the criteria of portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength.

ISG Provider Lens™ – Analyst Report

How does T-Systems compare to the competition when it comes to SAP HANA® and Leonardo®? Read the entire ISG report.

T-Systems is ahead of the competition when it comes to SAP S/4HANA® System Transformation Services

ISG gave T-Systems a top rating for SAP S/4HANA® System Transformation Services. Both in terms of portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength, T-Systems was able to assert itself against the competition. ISG emphasized the Cloudifier methodology and the “Jump-Start” initiative as differentiators of T-Systems. Jump Start enables companies to get started quickly with S/4HANA. The Provider Lens also refers to the Value Consulting approach of T-Systems, the extensive solution portfolio, self-developed “predictive analytics” solutions for the automotive industry, and the Spend Analyzer.

In the DACH region, T-Systems offers a unique combination of high competence, global delivery model and proximity to the customer with regard to managed application services for SAP-based applications.

 ISG 2020

T-Systems achieved two leading positions in Brazil and one in the Nordics region

In the Brazilian market, T-Systems was able to position itself as the leader for transformational services and managed platform services. ISG rated the consulting services for S/4HANA® transformations in medium-sized companies as first-class – especially with regard to security and compliance. According to ISG, customers from the Brazilian health and financial sectors place a great deal of importance on this. Medium-sized Brazilian companies can also benefit from the high-quality, globally uniform service offerings. With "ConverT", you have access to a T-Systems methodology for the fast transition from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA®.

As an end-to-end SAP® service provider with multi cloud options for managed services, T-Systems was also able to position itself as the leader for managed platform services in the Nordics region. ISG's positioning was based on the combination of robust platform management and a strong set of in-house tools, which support the cloud journey of customers over the long term.

Advice on SAP® solutions

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