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DATAlovers AG: Winning customers with AI

The startup uses the Open Telekom Cloud to facilitate customer acquisition using AI and an enormous database.

Precisely tailored customer lists thanks to algorithms


The artificial intelligence (AI) of DATAlovers AG simplifies sales with precisely tailored target customer lists. To create these, an algorithm scours the Internet based on a template. The AI identifies promising companies for salespeople on websites and on social media. The startup company draws the necessary computing power from the Open Telekom Cloud.

The principle: based on a company's existing customers, artificial intelligence first develops a statistical twin – the template with which the algorithm then scans a huge database. Advantage for sales staff: DATAlovers AG will provide you with detailed lists of potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your product or solution. "The result is more deals and less frustration in acquisition," says Andreas Kulpa, CEO DATAlovers AG.

Andreas Kulpa, DATAlovers

Last but not least, data processing in the Telekom data centers is a good sales argument for us. Telekom simply has a good reputation when it comes to data protection.

Andreas Kulpa, CEO, DATAlovers AG

Relevance instead of mass

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Imagine if only a few sales inquiries came to nothing? If breweries could find suitable restaurateurs more quickly, aid organizations could reliably win new donors, and machine manufacturers could continuously find the right new customers? Unfortunately, this is often not the reality. Cold calling is often without success, and sales staff only receive answers from or sign deals with a fraction of the companies they contact. This is because target groups have not been precisely defined and the companies addressed simply have no demand. It would be helpful if sales staff knew for sure from the get-go that potential customers are actually interested – and where they can find these customers.

Acquisition turbo from the cloud: more deals, less frustration

The Mainz-based startup DATAlovers AG also discovered this problem and proceeded to develop a service that generates precisely tailored target customer lists with the help of artificial intelligence. "Everyone can find something on the Internet," says Kulpa. "But the real art is in extracting really relevant details from this information. Our AI does it automatically."

DATAlovers AG requires a lot of storage space for the comprehensive database. And the analysis to search this database for suitable new customers requires enormous computing power. The founders are now using the Open Telekom Cloud for both.

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Data protection in the cloud has top priority

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In order to keep the database continuously up to date and to feed it with relevant information, an intelligent algorithm regularly scans freely accessible sources on the Internet. For this crawling, the artificial intelligence uses up to 120 virtual machines from the Open Telekom Cloud. The virtual machines are specifically configured for big data analytics and artificial intelligence applications. However, because crawling is not carried out constantly, DATAlovers AG only needs the high capacities temporarily. This is where the Open Telekom Cloud really offers advantages. The IT resources scale flexibly according to demand between 60 and 120 virtual machines. The data which has been accumulated while web crawling is stored by DATAlovers AG in the Open Telekom Cloud's cost-effective long-term storage: the Object Storage.

In addition to the flexible scalability, another argument for the decision in favor of the Open Telekom Cloud was the high level of data security and data protection. "Sometimes we analyze sensitive data," says Kulpa. "And for our customers it is important to know that the data is stored within the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany. That's why data protection and IT security are top priority for us." With the Open Telekom Cloud, DATAlovers AG now has the optimal technological basis for further enduring success. "We are currently attracting an average of two to five new customers a week,” says Kulpa. And with an upward trend: the startup also plans to expand into Poland and France in the future.


About DATAlovers AG

The startup DATAlovers, founded in mid-2015, is solving a major problem for sales staff: in the search for new customers, they often contact countless companies simply hoping they’ll get lucky and be able to sign a deal. However, many inquiries come to nothing and this costs valuable time and a lot of effort. DATAlovers is putting an end to this. The startup's clever algorithm creates lists of companies that are very likely to be interested in certain products or services. This saves sales staff a lot of time in their search for potential new customers and helps to achieve significantly higher sales quotas.

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