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New cash registers from the cloud

Logistics company makes its cash registers more flexible through modernization

Modern, cloud-based cash register systems for greater flexibility and dynamism

As part of a cloud-first strategy, a T-Systems customer – a company from the logistics sector – implemented a modern solution from the cloud for its cash register systems, one that offered more flexibility and dynamism and that significantly reduced expenses for ongoing management. Since the cash register logic is supplied from the cloud back-end, updates can be rolled out to all connected cash registers quickly and easily. At the same time, the IoT solution also enables remote diagnostics and inventories of the cash register. Updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting can be carried out remotely by trained in-house personnel.

Customer benefit

  • Introduction of modern, cloud-based cash registers
  • Reduction of IT maintenance and operating costs
  • Fast rollout to 600 locations
  • Network connection through M2M Global SIM cards
  • Fully integrated into the customer’s process and system landscape
  • Rapid return on investment

A digital, cloud-based solution and IoT combined with mobile network connections create a perfect solution for branch cash registers.

Christian Alexander Schneider, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

High costs due to maintenance and updates

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Previously, fat clients were used in all of the logistics service provider’s branches. These are sophisticated cash register systems whose “intelligence” is generated by a local computer in the branch. These cash register systems are very powerful, but incur high internal costs for IT management. After all, in addition to regular maintenance and troubleshooting, the cash register systems also require occasional updates, for example, when legal regulations change (such as the temporary VAT reduction in Germany), the service provider adjusts the prices of its products, or new products are offered in the shops.

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Software-as-a-service from the cloud

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Together with Telekom Deutschland GmbH, T-Systems designed a suitable cash register solution for the customer. It is based on the innovative standard PoS systems by enfore. With this solution, the logic for the cash register systems at the PoS (point of sale) is delivered as software-as-a-service from the cloud. The software client is installed locally from here, which ensures that the cash registers will continue to work in case of a temporary network outage. The cash registers are connected IoT devices and communicate with the cloud back-end over the internet, encrypted at the application level. Deutsche Telekom ensured that the solution was scalable for the 600 branches. T-Systems is responsible for the overall concept and service management for the customer.

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