Digital transformation at automotive companies: T-Systems offers top-class consulting and innovative solutions.

Automotive & Manufacturing Industry

Take advantage of the digital transformation

High-tech industry segments like the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, plant construction and aircraft manufacturing have to master a radical upheaval. The networking of products and factories is intensifying classical IT requirements. At the same time, huge opportunities are presenting themselves.
Big Data in Automotive
White paper: Opportunities and challenges

Central growth lever for manufacturing companies

Technologies, business models, markets, customers – everything is in a state of flux. More and more manufacturing companies have to redefine their products in the overall concept of end-to-end digitization – in particular, keeping an eye on the interfaces to neighboring industrial domains. After all, innovations are no longer limited to a single industry. The greatest dynamism is generated where breakthroughs in disciplines such as automation, communication technology, software development, virtualization, data analytics and electronics are enabling new, disruptive connections. "Everything that can be digitized will be digitized," writes Karl-Heinz Land, author and thought leader, in his book "Dematerialization". Every industry and every company has to actively confront this transformation.

Information technology is shaping new business models

Traditional value chains are rupturing in ever more places. Digitization is revolutionizing design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales services – and even many product functions. An experienced transformation partner like T-Systems can actively support this structural change with expertise and consulting. Our countless successful customer projects – particularly with manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive sector – give us an enormous wealth of experience to draw upon. That's why independent industry comparisons regularly recognize T-Systems as the number one ICT partner to the automotive industry.

The digital Transformation in Automotive

The global trend toward more environmentally friendly mobility, to alternative drive systems and new material concepts demands everything engineers can give. 3D printing technology with additive methods, for example, enables tremendous time and cost savings in prototyping. In particular, the connection of cars, drivers, manufacturers, suppliers, repair shops and transport infrastructure is setting a rapid pace for perceptible innovations over the entire product life cycle. To get new generations of smart models on the road quickly,  efficiently and in maximum quantity, end-to-end workflows and quality assurance processes are required from the development phase onward. Data volumes in testing continue to grow through new models and versions, along with demands for the accuracy of the data models and test routines. T-Systems offers competent consulting in combination with proven, integrated PLM solutions and products – including cloud solutions – to support communication, knowledge transfer and collaboration in the engineering domain.

When production gets smart

In smart factories, sensors, processors, software, switches and routers not only connect production equipment and tools, but also help to embed intelligence in the core products. In turn, this enables companies to extend their value chains – for example, an analysis of usage data can provide the foundation for business models that cover the entire life cycle. Remote and predictive maintenance for cars, machinery and devices become possible, combined with cross-industry offerings, as the IT helps to shape new business models. The  basis for successful industrial internet solutions is reliable communication services, data security and transparency along the entire value chain – core competencies that T-Systems, the systems integrator to industry, has a perfect command over.

A new Quality of Customer Experience 

Potential in sales and after-sales can also be leveraged at short notice. After all, connected products and assets turn the service model around, making it proactive instead of reactive. In the car business, for example, the focus shifts to lead management, customer care and point-of-sale activities. The goal is to ensure a customer experience with consistently high quality, addressing each customer individually and digitizing the customer dialog. In such scenarios, T-Systems connects the central players in the entire ecosystem, integrating and orchestrating effective processes for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, fleet operators and even individual drivers. The success factors are a comprehensive, end-to-end approach with flexible process and production structures, local decision-making competence, central data storage and many individualized product and service offerings. Together, they present the fourth industrial revolution in the best possible light.