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E-paper: Historize legacy SAP data and secure access

Historization beats archiving and the continued operation SAP data

Where should you store legacy data and systems?

Where should you migrate inventory data if obsolete IT systems are being deleted? From 2027, SAP is discontinuing support for SAP IS-U. This will mean companies are sitting on legacy data that they are storing purely to meet their legal obligations for preserving records. The historization solution M.A.R.S offers an alternative, which allows companies to meet their obligations and shut down expensive legacy systems. Find out how easily you can save money with Managed Application Retirement Services.

Get answers to the following questions

  • What can you do with SAP system data that are subject to preservation obligations when support is discontinued in 2027?
  • How can you keep the costs for data migration as low as possible?
  • How can you achieve data availability at all times via a web app?
  • How can you save CO2 emissions on top of all this?


Title page and three following pages of the white paper as a screenshot:

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