Magenta background white paper: Mainframe Migration to Azure

White paper: Mainframe migration to Azure

A roadmap to your mainframe migration

Migrate your mainframes seamlessly to Azure

The pandemic has brought in a key shift in business. Enterprises are keenly looking at accelerating their digital transformation to drive business impact. According to a study, 70 % of global CXOs see mainframe and legacy modernization as top business priority. 

A robust cloud platform can pave the way for successful mainframe migration. Our whitepaper takes a deep dive into how you can move your mainframe workloads to Azure cloud platform with a detailed roadmap outlining the challenges and the best approach to execute a successful and risk-free migration.

Find answers to:

  • What are the compelling reasons to migrate mainframes to cloud?
  • What are the key challenges involved in mainframe migration?
  • What is the best migration path for your project?
  • Why Azure is a capable cloud platform?
  • How T-Systems can help in executing your migration to Azure cloud?


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