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The ideal state: Stable IT operations

Stable IT with managed cloud & infrastructure services: lower costs and less effort, but still compliant

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Reliability is king

The web shop is unavailable, production comes to a standstill and home office users suffer from poor application performance: Companies would therefore be well advised to ensure they can rely on their IT infrastructures. Our Managed Cloud & Infrastructure services ensure stable IT operations - which is a necessity for smooth business processes. This in turn allows you to focus on your core business and increase productivity.

4 tips for IT operations

You should take these 4 tips to heart: Read the white paper to find out how to make your IT operations more stable and secure, in order to ensure smooth business operations.

Cloud expert Thomas Rumpf on the right IT strategy for enterprises

How do enterprises get their IT infrastructure setup right? How do they enhance their application performance, achieve the highest possible level of IT security and ensure data protection, statutory and regulatory compliance? T-Systems cloud expert Thomas Rumpf gives four pointers on how companies can fulfill all the material requirements of their IT infrastructure.

That's how we ensure stable IT operations in companies

One of the biggest advantages for our customers is the wealth of experience of T-Systems in IT, security, business process digitization and cloud computing as well as our know-how in individual industries, ranging from banking and insurance to petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, retail and the automotive industry. Because of this, our experts act less as external consultants and more as team members on an equal footing with the IT specialists in the company. In short: We breathe the DNA of our customers. This means we can always offer precisely those solutions and services that best fit your industry and business model.

Professional cloud orchestration

In addition to cloud-native applications, many companies still work with legacy systems. But heterogeneous environments are difficult to manage and make secure, not to mention update or migrate during operations. T-Systems combines expertise from traditional IT operations with many years of experience gained during countless cloud projects, which means it can orchestrate any and all IT systems used within the company - regardless of whether applications are operated in private clouds or with AWS, Azure or in the Open Telekom Cloud. This reduces the burden on a company's own IT departments while increasing the stability of the overall IT infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)

If required, we can provide a professional operating team for 24x7 IT management. What's more, we can also provide a service desk and support, the supervision of international projects and operation of your IT systems worldwide, in data centers in Germany or globally distributed – and always adhering to all data protection and compliance requirements.

Increased system stability, data recoveries and contingency plans

IT system failures usually mean financial damage and a damaged reputation for companies. Appropriate backup and high-availability concepts ensure this does not happen in the first place. Together with you, we develop approaches to ensure stable business operations, even if IT components fail. We develop contingency plans, documentation, and process chains, and we regularly test how your systems function under emergency conditions. This enables you to minimize risks so that you can face future challenges with confidence.

Proactive management and predictive monitoring

Whether infrastructure components or application operation: We monitor the condition of your IT systems and services, eliminate faults within agreed time frames and optimize monitoring. Reactions to events can be automated and manual effort for incident management can be avoided. With predictive monitoring we even go one step further: Intelligent tools detect potential disruptive factors before they become a problem. The goal: Manage the infrastructure with foresight instead of just reacting. This saves you time and allows you to focus on more important topics, such as core processes and innovations.

Appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We take care of the availability of your IT – end-to-end for the entire infrastructure stack, including hyperscalers and private clouds. And depending on your wishes, we can map various availability zones within the SLAs. Our consultants will advise you on all aspects of fail-safe IT operations and clarify with you which service levels are the most appropriate for your business-critical processes and tools.

Numerous advantages: Benefit from fully managed IT operations by T-Systems

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Stable operation in specific terms: How we ensure smooth IT operations for you

Stabilize IT operations now

We advise you individually on how to make your IT operations more stable, secure and smooth. Write to us.
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