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What our managed cloud services for Azure offer

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T-Systems’ managed cloud services for Azure service is a complete lifecycle management for any kind of application in Microsoft Azure. We deploy, update, and patch applications in close partnership with our customers. We take care if something breaks in the application, irrespective of the infrastructure providing the runtime for your applications. Managed cloud services for Azure is designed according to Microsoft scalable enterprise landing zone pattern. It implements best practices and experiences and incorporates all elements of the cloud adoption framework.

The service comprises two services tiers: Foundation – forms the base configuration and deployment of the secured Azure landing zone modules, and advanced specification – fulfils customers’ needs with T-Systems’ operational excellence for the application and infrastructure in Azure. Our managed Azure services allow our customers to focus on their business while we do the heavy lifting of deploying, managing, and securing cloud resources.

Charting customer’s journey to Microsoft Azure

Each cloud journey starts with a proper planning and definition of security, governance, and organizational guardrails for a scalable and secured cloud usage. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we assess, support, and consult you in Azure by analyzing your IT landscape and needs via our cloud migration framework. 

With T-Systems’ managed cloud services for Azure, we will perform the following steps to implement a production-ready Azure environment following best practices and addressing your business requirements:

  • Conduct onboarding workshop
  • Define guardrails and configuration settings
  • Implement MCS for Azure landing zone
  • Provide managed resource groups
  • Use production-ready Azure landing zone

Additionally, a regular update process ensures that the implementation is not a one-time event, but one that considers future changes and updates to Azure along with best practices and service enhancements.

Benefits of managed cloud services for Azure

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  • Out-of-the-box managed services enables customers to focus on better business outcomes from their digitalization investments and helps establish new digital business models
  • Provides T-Systems’ operational excellence to support customers implementing / extending Microsoft Azure usage
  • Ensures compliant and secure IT operation in Azure as per customer requirements
  • Grants admin permissions to customer’s application teams along with consumption of managed services from T-Systems
  • Analyzes cloud readiness, application, and infrastructure assessments, training, and performance of migrations

White paper: How to make the most of cloud

This white paper helps you learn about the various factors that are crucial for a successful cloud transformation and illustrates how you can maximize cloud’s potential.

Professional services – strategic approach

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T-Systems is a member of Microsoft’s Expert Managed Services Provider program and a worldwide Gold and Premier partner. T-Systems has over 1,500 transformation specialists and 2,000 Microsoft-certified experts advising customers on the development of a secure infrastructure and the selection of services and tools along with providing billing, support, management, and network services.

Microsoft partnership

Deutsche Telekom’s telecommunication, network, security, and IT operational excellence in Microsoft Azure empowers customers to increase their productivity, build more agile and resilient operations and deliver new Azure backed offerings faster.

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