Don't give cyber criminals a chance

How you can protect your entire ecosystem with T-Systems and Akamai

Existential risks for company security

Cyber attacks are a real threat to company security. They frequently cause extensive damage and threaten the existence of small and large companies around the world. To ensure that it doesn't get to that point, you should consistently put a stop to any and all cyber criminal activity.

High risk via many points of attack

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For some time now, cyber criminals have been breaking into company networks for more than just stealing data and business ideas. They extort ransoms, plunder accounts, bring production facilities to their knees – and use the widest range of attack points and tools to do this. It's therefore all the more important to keep all potential weak points in mind – and protect them accordingly. T-Systems and Akamai are offering a comprehensive security package for this: it contains solutions based on industry-leading core technologies and wide-ranging consulting services.

Akamai and T-Systems: armed against all cyber attacks

How can you ensure robust security in the cloud? Check out our deep-dive videos that explain how you can reliably defend yourself against malware, phishing, spam, ransomware, botnets, and DoS and DDoS attacks, and what is needed to protect yourself against cyber attacks in a timely fashion.

Don't wait; get started

Don't wait until your company becomes the victim of a cyber attack. Protect it using the comprehensive security package from T-Systems and Akamai. Our experts answer your questions and find the perfect protection with you.

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