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Automation, Application Management & Modernization

T-Systems offers companies end-to-end support in automating their application landscapes

Optimize company applications and automate business processes

T-Systems’ services ensure flexibility, efficiency, and transparency in application landscapes. Business processes are automated independently of the existing infrastructure. The modernization of the system landscape is achieved in an infrastructure-independent manner with the help of smart technologies and tools.

Manage complex system landscapes the right way

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Within large companies, applications are often developed over a period of many years which are connected to each other via various interfaces and managed by different providers. As the size of a company increases, the number of applications it uses across its various business areas also grows, along withthe complexity of the system landscape. T-Systems’ Application Management & Modernization (AMM) offers companies end-to-end support, providing them the transparency they need when assessing their range of applications – for classic business applications as well as cloud solutions. Increasing time-to-market demands in particular mean that automated processes such as DevOps and continuous integration/deployment are required. Automation of the requisite test stages is a core aspect of these technical solutions and is realized using various methods (BDD, TDD, MBT) and automation tools.

zFuture Mainframe: step by step toward a big data strategy

Business-critical applications with a high transaction intensity, such as banks or insurance companies, continue to require fail-safety and a high level of performance – made possible by the mainframe. Mainframe applications that have been developed over many years are implemented in a modern architecture on the mainframe. This enables companies to develop new business models, such as the monetization of data. T-Systems has the experience needed for an agile and step-by-step modernization of mainframe applications – using Blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

Fast implementation of process automation & testing with minimum investment risk

Today, the degree of digitization of a company determines its competitiveness. Flexible automation plans which can be implemented quickly are in demand.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) are the key to successful implementation of business process automation with minimal investment risk. This does not change the existing IT structure. End-to-end services based on leading RPA platforms and ServiceNow are jointly opening up all opportunities for an agile implementation based on standardized methods and tools through test automation.

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