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Turn data into value with Data Intelligence Hub

Companies can securely and efficiently exchange, process and analyze data with the Data Intelligence Hub

Data is the new gold

Companies can create value with meaningfully linked data, because data is the new gold. With the Data Intelligence Hub, we offer a platform on which you can securely manage, prepare and monetize information. You are not just restricted to your own data in this respect: exchange production data to cut costs or analyze data, for example, from building use to optimize your properties.

The advantages of the Data Intelligence Hub

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Develop new business fields

The Data Intelligence Hub is the central interface for effective data exchange. Data is partly available free on the platform and partly for purchase and sale. With the new information, you gain insights and the ability to create forward-looking and competitive business models (for the Internet of Things). 

Optimize processes

Not just to exchange, but also to use: You transform existing or acquired restructured data on the Data Intelligence Hub with analytical specialists or tools into business-relevant findings. You optimize your own processes through the combination with external information. Moreover, you gain access to end-to-end solutions for your business fields with the assistance of the platform's industrial and AI experts.

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Enhancing corporate performance

Your corporate data is unused capital: you can offer this information easily, transparently and securely for sale with the Data Intelligence Hub. By monetarizing your own data inventories, you develop new sources of income.

Secure behavior

The Data Intelligence Hub is the infrastructure for secure exchanges along the entire data value creation chain. Acquire and analyze valuable information, with absolute protection and guaranteed data sovereignty.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Single point of data exchange within your IT infrastructure
  • Leverage the advantages of an open market place for data analytics
  • Secure peer-2-peer communication with transparent use control 
  • Break up data silos across departments and companies 
  • Optimization of your own processes and capacities to act
  • Develop new business models
  • Generate new sources of income with your own data

Open data platform for municipalities

A municipal administration combines numerous sources of information. To enable citizens to use them, various kinds of data must be collected, prepared and published. For example, current building site overviews or traffic jams, taxi and bike-sharing locations, cadastral survey or park area information as well as information on public spaces and event locations.

This requires a suitable digital infrastructure. The lack of tools and expertise in terms of advanced analytical processes, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) restrict value creation through data analysis and processing by municipal administrations. Moreover, a corresponding platform needs to provide the same preconditions for users: for instance, availability, free access, reuse, forwarding and universal participation.

Cloud-based platform with the Data Intelligence Hub

The Telekom Data Intelligence Hub provides its customers with a cloud-based platform for open data hosting. This service eliminates the need for municipal administrations to have their own data provision infrastructure. The content desired is published at the push of a button by means of an easy web upload and interface for automated data upload. With the Data Intelligence Hub, municipal administration employees save time and money.

Optimize logistics chains

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Time is money. The logistics industry in particular knows this. Storage capacities, the workforce, and further transport to the end customer must be planned. Delays cause additional costs. Consequently, logistics providers want to be able to plan their arrival times better and avoid waiting times. 

To this end, they have to make their shipping routes for goods transport more transparent. However, only partial data is available to the companies for transport. They calculate their transport time on this basis and can predict the approximate delivery time. Delays are commonplace. Apart from the increased costs, “roughly” is no longer enough for the customers today. They expect – whether a private Amazon customer or the goods recipient of a railway operator – punctuality, precision and reliability.

The Data Intelligence Hub provides access to external data

However, with their own resources, logistics providers can only say when and where a package is loaded and where it currently ought to be on its route. By contrast, when, where, and at what point a delivery will be delayed is unknown. This is because such data is often unavailable to individual logistics providers for their process chain. But it is precisely this information that permits companies to react in real time to delays and disruptions. In this way, they reduce waiting times as well as storage costs and ensure reliable planning for manufacturing industry.

The data needed exists: it is available in fragmented form and in various pools. For example, shipping companies and other ships. The Data Intelligence Hub makes this data accessible, analyzes it and merges the information with internal company information on consistent basis. In this way, DIH closes knowledge gaps among the logistics providers and enables intervention and action.

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