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Turn shopping into an experience

In order for bricks-and-mortar retail to compete with online shopping, shops need to be made more sustainable and interactive

White paper: Managed Cyber Defense for Retail

As modern retail players adopt newer technologies like data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and more – are the cybersecurity measures enough? How can they secure their business? How managed cyber defense can help SMEs?

Digital transformation in brick and mortar business 

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E-commerce, a new generation of customers, social trends, and then Corona: store-based retail is going through a rough patch and has to come up with new ideas for defending itself against the rise of online retailing. Especially since customers still want to do their shopping in a branch and store. Stores are flagships for retailers and important points of contact with customers. However, the shopping experience needs to change, largely with the help of digitalization. We offer digital solutions to bricks-and-mortar retailers for digitally enhanced shopping experiences and more flexible in-store operations. After all, the use of digital technologies can significantly shape customer loyalty and customer service.

We are here for you!

Do you also continue to see a future for bricks-and-mortar retail? Our retail experts are happy to show you how you can use digital solutions and a network to develop your stores and branches into more than just a functional complement to e-commerce.

Success stories from the field

The latest news on digitalization in retail

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