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Cloud transformation – done securely!

How to benefit from the cloud without compromising cybersecurity and compliance

Better control of the multi-cloud environment

Anyone who wants to move their workloads to the cloud faces three major challenges that are closely linked:

  • lack of transparency in multi- and hybrid cloud environments
  • difficulties in guaranteeing security
  • complicated implementation of compliance requirements 

In order to facilitate your cloud transformation, Cloud Native Security addresses precisely these points: with this solution, you can review and comply with security requirements for your clouds and consolidate on one platform. This creates transparency. The platform provides security and compliance capabilities that enable you to protect your cloud-native technologies, applications, and data across their entire lifecycle. And another plus: with the integrated approach of Cloud Native Security, your security and DevOps teams will work together more smoothly in the future. The result: faster and more secure development cycles. 

How you benefit from Cloud Native Security

How Cloud Native Security helps you achieve your security goals

It’s true that the cloud is available to everyone. But it is also true that not everyone is the same in the cloud. Perhaps your company has yet to make the migration to the cloud. Or perhaps you are already operating in a hybrid multi-cloud environment and obtain Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers from various providers. You may even deploy additional heterogeneous cloud technology stacks (Platform as a Service, serverless capabilities, and container services). Wherever your company currently stands: transparency, security, governance, and compliance are crucial milestones of your cloud journey.  

Cloud Native Security offers – at the customer's request – a managed security and compliance service for the entire cloud technology stack as well as for all applications and data – and thus consistent security across all clouds. 

How to create transparency in your multi-cloud architecture

Let's face it: Do you know which resources are used in the clouds of your company? Does your IT security have an accurate overview of which IaaS offerings, virtual machines, containers or serverless computing offerings your development teams are currently using and for what purpose? Or who has which access rights? With Cloud Native Security you avoid blind spots and create transparency. 

How to simplify compliance and governance

The GDPR and the end of the EU-US Privacy Shield regulation require the highest level of compliance discipline. If your company belongs to a regulated industry, the hurdles for your IT security team are even higher. Cloud Native Security helps your employees enforce policy-based security guidelines for cloud configuration and cloud access, as well as conform to data privacy and industry-specific compliance requirements. This applies regardless of whether you use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

Through continuous and automated monitoring, the compliance tool ensures that your company complies with defined frameworks and legal requirements. If required, it creates auditable reports. With machine learning, Cloud Native Security correlates your data and assesses the risks of your entire cloud environment. This reduces your workload and guarantees legal compliance at all times. 

How to detect and fend off cyberattacks faster

Is an account compromised? Are there abnormalities in network traffic or suspected insider threats? Are applications losing their security – is there a risk of configuration drift due to the permanent adaptation of the application? No problem! Cloud Native Security's machine-learning algorithms detect risky configurations, identify network threats, conspicuous user behavior, malware, data loss, and potential host vulnerabilities in your cloud instances. The solution automatically prioritizes alerts, fixes security issues, and ensures that you meet your corporate standards – and fend off attacks in real time. 

How to increase the productivity of your DevSecOps teams

Want to become more flexible and agile? Increase your innovation rate? With Cloud Native Security, you can exploit the potential of the cloud for this purpose – with the highest level of security. Cloud Native Security integrates seamlessly with your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. The solution ensures that security requirements are already being taken into account during application development. New cloud technologies can also be integrated quickly and securely. 

More transparency required?

Want to learn more about how you can protect your company against data loss and compliance violations? Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Comprehensive protection in one suite

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According to Gartner1 it is mainly misconfigurations and user errors that open the door to cybercriminals. This means that your company needs good security management for cloud environments that can minimize these threats. In short: Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). This transparently shows you what resources are in your clouds, while at the same time protecting your data and incorporating threat detection and automated response, as well as automated protection for governance and compliance. But Cloud Native Security also takes a look at your cloud-based workloads and your operating system data. With the Cloud Work Protection Platform (CWPP), the suite also includes vulnerability management for your containers, serverless functions, and virtual machines. Functions for CI/CD integration, identity and access management (IAM), network security, and runtime defense should also be part of the solution.

This gives your company a consolidated interface for your clouds, workloads, and data plus a comprehensive set of security features with a single license. 

"Shift left": security right from the start

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Your cloud providers ensure that data centers and the services they provide offer the highest level of security. However, no cloud provider can take over the obligation to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for your applications and data. Many companies are not aware of this shared responsibility: in one study2, 73 percent of security experts from companies in five countries felt unable to clearly distinguish the responsibilities of their cloud providers from their own. Companies often have themselves to blame if hackers get hold of sensitive customer data. This is because their employees sometimes configure the cloud systems incorrectly. These cloud-native breaches (CNB) are unfortunately widespread: According to a recent study3, the authors found faulty configurations in 93 percent of the cloud storage services examined. These can endanger the entire cloud environment. 

In order to offer cybercriminals as little room for attacks as possible in the future, Cloud Native Security supports your developers with the "Shift left" principle: The solution automatically corrects security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout the entire build-deploy-run lifecycle. This allows your developers to reduce risk without compromising their agility.

Managed security in multi-cloud architectures

Thanks to the shared responsibility model in cloud computing, the security of data, applications, identities, network and firewall configurations, and encryption remain the responsibility of the cloud customer. This means a high degree of complexity for companies, especially in an agile multi-cloud environment – even more so if their developers provide cloud-native applications in a DevOps approach. Deutsche Telekom Security competently keeps track of the diversity and complexity of these tasks for you and not only provides you with the SaaS user licenses, but also offers comprehensive support for your hybrid multi-cloud transformation.

  • Licenses and usage rights for the cloud-native security platform Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks
  • 1st level helpdesk support for customers / 2nd level support by Palo Alto Networks
  • Optional: Individual advice
  • Optional: Managed Cyber Defense Services

In short: Our offering combines the security expertise of German security market leader T-Systems/Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH with the know-how of Palo Alto Networks, one of the world's leading providers of cybersecurity products, to ensure that your transformation to the cloud is successful and secure. 

Cloud, done securely!

Read more about new security challenges in the course of the cloud transformation.

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³ Accurics, The State of DevSecOps, 2020

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