Standardized IT transformation to the cloud with the T-Systems Cloudifier at a fixed price

Cloudifier: Transformation phase

Solutions for a trouble-free shift to the cloud

  • IT transformation on the basis of cloud readiness
  • Systems and applications of any size and type
  • Industrialized procedure ensures security
  • No in-house know-how needed
  • Fixed price in T-shirt sizes for each IT transformation
Ivan Chan
Ivan Chan

Head, Cloud Practice

Standardized IT transformation to the cloud

In many companies, the managers postpone IT transformation to the cloud because they fear long system outages or serious disruptions to operations. In many cases, security concerns prevent a decision in favor of the cloud.
With the Cloudifier, T-Systems offers all service components that a company needs for a successful switch to the cloud in complete packages. After the initial Design phase in which the existing company IT is analyzed and an optimized infrastructure plan is produced, IT applications are transformed to the cloud. Once the transition to the operating phase in the highly secure cloud data center in accordance with the Zero Outage quality principle has taken place, the objective has been achieved.

Defined scope of services for a fixed price

As a tool for IT outsourcing, the Cloudifier makes it easier to outsource applications to the cloud – with relevant services for companies of all sizes. T-Systems offers standardized transformation services: for SAP, Communication & Collaboration and for all other applications. As is the case during the Design phase, the standardized Cloud Readiness procedure is used prior to the transformation to determine fixed T-Shirt sizes for each application. This ensures that the defined scope of services can be provided for a fixed price.
Further phases

Technical Specifications

  • Migration of SAP to SAP Cloud
  • With or without HANA
  • Fixed prices for various sizes
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Applications, middleware, databases
  • Shift to the latest software versions
  • For a large number of servers, sites and users
  • Quick, secure, inexpensive
  • Exchange to Exchange Cloud
  • IBM Notes to Microsoft SharePoint Cloud
  • For team and project collaborations
  • For several tens of thousands of users around the world

Transformation services for SAP, IBM, Microsoft etc.

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The conversion of applications and their outsourcing to the cloud as part of a business transformation is a complex process which ought to be handled by professionals. T-Systems has more than ten years’ cloud experience. 4,000 T-Systems experts have successfully migrated 30,000 servers and 15,000 applications around the world as part of IT transformation processes. The Transformation phase of the Cloudifier ensures that all application data is transferred to the cloud securely. With its Cloudifier, T-Systems covers three IT services scenarios:

Transformation services for SAP

There are a number of reasons for sourcing SAP applications from the cloud: quicker software updates, unlimited scalability, reliability and cost savings. If, for example, a migration to SAP HANA is planned but the costs need to be kept in check, the Cloudifier offers end-to-end service: a complete transformation from a potential analysis with a focus on HANA and migration in T-shirt sizes to operation on the T-Systems Dynamic Services platform at fixed prices.
T-Systems operates the world’s largest cloud hosting platform for SAP with around 3.5 million users. More than 80 percent of T-Systems’ new SAP customers opt for the cloud, saving up to 30 percent of the costs of operating an SAP landscape. A choice of target platforms – the new Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions (DynSAP) or the HANA Cloud – is available.

Transformation services for applications

If a company’s own hardware has come to the end of its life, a company can source computing power from the cloud without tying up capital. After checking their cloud compatibility, the applications, middleware and databases are transformed to T-Systems’ Dynamic Cloud Platform, the Open Telekom Cloud or Microsoft Azure. The industrialized IT transformation service ensures end-to-end cloud readiness for each application – at prices defined in advance.

Transformation services for Communication & Collaboration

Talking about Microsoft: the Cloudifier offers migration of IBM Notes to Microsoft Exchange at a fixed price as well as the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint for team and project collaborations. This is possible even for several tens of thousands of users around the world. The target platforms for Dynamic Services for Collaboration (DSC) from T-Systems are the Microsoft Azure solutions including Office 365 or hybrid solutions from the private and public cloud.

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