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White paper: exploring the 5G universe

Take a technology leap with 5G and edge. Learn how these technologies can transform business models for your industry.

5G and the world beyond - new business models and opportunities

What potential does 5G offer us? And do we need our own frequency band for this? What possibilities exist, and what challenges have to be overcome? What is the business case? Is 5G also worthwhile financially? Many companies cannot yet assess the importance of technology in their environment. With T-Systems together, Ericsson finds answers to these questions and offers complete solutions for live use in production with minimum effort.

This white paper shares insights and answers to:

  • New business options, expansions, and opportunities in 5G network
  • 5G's impact on today's world and across industries
  • Edge Computing's role in boosting 5G capabilities
  • New implementation approaches and use cases with 5G platforms and services
  • Details and applications of Autonomous Logistics Trial Kit


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