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Accelerating digitalization in the coronavirus crisis

Discover how entrepreneurs can transform the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity and optimize their companies with digital tools

Digitalization helps companies in the coronavirus crisis

Companies that want to survive on the market have to adapt to new demands quickly, whether these relate to new client requirements, technologies or – as at present – the coronavirus crisis. With this in mind, we are focusing on those topics that are currently affecting your company most significantly: working from home, coronavirus, economic issues, the future of work, and much more. We also demonstrate how the digital world can support you in the prevailing situation. Discover useful expertise, digital offers, and practical examples for your company online now.

Adapting companies to the coronavirus crisis in three stages

1. Safeguarding business operations

To comply with social distancing, affected companies had to shift work to home offices. Alongside mobile end devices for employees, homeworking required effective remote access as well as cloud and collaboration platforms. Many companies were able to set their employees up to work from home astonishingly quickly. The coronavirus has accelerated New Work and turned the future of work into reality. We dedicated ourselves to this initial stage of the crisis with the aim of ensuring business continuity.

2. Adapting to the new reality

The economy is suffering severely as a result of Covid-19. For that reason, many companies are looking even more intensively for opportunities to work in a more economical manner. Digitalization offers many opportunities for greater efficiency and stability, even in the coronavirus era. Yet first it requires investments in the digital world – for example, in multiclouds, future-capable corporate networks, and IT security. After all, these digital technologies form the basis for the new reality.

3. Accelerate digital now

It is already clear that the coronavirus crisis will change parts of the economy in the long term: for instance, how we set up supply chains, how we work, and how we travel. However, companies have also learnt that digital projects can be implemented very quickly. We can take advantage of this in the third stage of the coronavirus crisis. After all, speed and agility are essential to continue to drive forward digitalization at pace and to ensure growth and resilience for the future.

Transform the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity – with our tips, offers, and practical examples for digitalization

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