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SD-WAN makes the network more flexible than ever before

Control your WAN centrally, integrate clouds simply, and reduce complexity with SD-WAN from T-Systems

Agile corporate network thanks to SD-WAN

In the digital age, companies must be able to adapt their networks quickly, for example, by prioritizing applications differently. Previously, this meant configuring each network component individually. This changes with SD-WAN: companies can quickly adapt their network, monitor it centrally, improve the performance of hybrid networks, and easily and securely incorporate public clouds. 

The network of the future as a Managed Service

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T-Systems offers a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) as a complete worry-free solution. We have the right Managed Service – whether purchase SD-WAN and MPLS-VPN as an integrated service from a single source or the new network as an overlay service, independent of the existing transport network. 

Our team of experts are happy to advise and provide support during the migration of your network to the SD-WAN. Thanks to an agile network, you can easily keep pace with new customer requirements and business conditions.

We look forward to your project!

Do you have any questions concerning the planning, implementation or maintenance of your digitization project? Contact us and one of our experts will be in touch with you to answers all your questions.

Two operating models for your Managed SD-WAN

SD-WAN Overlay

We offer you new agile networks in two operating models: as a fully managed service or purely as a managed overlay for your existing WAN.

Fully managed: IntraSelect SD-WAN

With IntraSelect SD-WAN you get an SD-WAN including MPLS and internet as transport networks. We take care of the operation of both network levels around the clock and coordinate them with each other. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the end-to-end service quality of the corporate network. Our solution meets the highest security and data protection requirements: central management components are operated in the German Open Telekom Cloud. 

T-Systems also supports the migration of the existing MPLS VPN to SD-WAN: the network is converted step-by-step according to a tried and tested procedure. A gateway between new and old WAN connects already migrated locations and branch offices without an SD-WAN connection.

More information here

Managed Overlay: Smart SD-WAN

Would you rather have full flexibility in choosing network operators and corporate network access technologies? No problem: our Smart SD-WAN offer includes modular overlay solutions that can be combined with the transport networks of all operators. T-Systems only works with certified partners such as Aryaka, Juniper, Silver Peak, and VeloCloud. This makes it easy to turn your existing WAN into a virtual network without having to change network providers.

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SD-WAN is indispensable for the digitalization of the global economy

Smart LUCI migration

In the globalized world, international companies need network access, whether it be in Brazil today and a firewall in China tomorrow. SD-WAN makes this possible. The virtualized network has three major advantages for the digitalization of the economy:

  • Optimization of hybrid networks
    The technology dynamically and automatically divides data traffic between MPLS and the internet depending on the network load and application. This allows you to make better use of the available bandwidth of hybrid connections.
  • Centralized network configuration
    SD-WAN makes the network more agile. Administrators can centrally configure the devices in their locations and implement changes much faster than before. At the same time, they can monitor the company network in close to real time. Bottlenecks and malfunctions can be better predicted and rectified.
  • Simple and secure cloud connectivity
    Local internet access for connecting public clouds is also possible without SD-WAN. However, IT administrators must manage and secure them individually. With this new technology, just a few clicks gets you reports on the internet usage of all locations. You can also configure firewalls centrally and uniformly.

Virtualization of the network with SDN and NFV

The secret behind SD-WAN has two components: Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Both are virtualization technologies for networks. SDN detaches the network control from the data transport. This allows network components such as routers and switches to be centrally controlled for the first time. With NFV, network functions such as firewalls and WAN acceleration no longer run on proprietary hardware, but as software on standard servers. In this way, SD-WAN forms an overlay network that is completely independent of the transport network, whether MPLS, internet, or ethernet.

Smart SD-WAN migration – step by step to the goal

T-Systems recommends switching the company network to SD-WAN according to the LUCI principle. In this process, we first clarify the requirements for the network and plan its design (layout) with you. Then we provide the necessary hardware at the company location (update). In the next step, the network is divided into segments (creation of segments). Finally, the migration takes place segment by segment (implementation). With this approach, we can identify risks early on, prevent faults, and – if they do occur – limit them to the power supply units.

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