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T-Systems drives electrically

Switching the business fleet from combustion engines to electric drive technologies from 2022

13. April 2022

100% e-mobility for greater sustainability

T-Systems is switching its global business fleet to electric from 2022. The aim is for the transformation of around 1,400 company vehicles in Germany by 2025. By taking the decision to go fully electric, T-Systems will be reducing its CO2 emissions by 1,000 tons per year. This value equates to 36 percent of the currently remaining emissions from our own generated or bought-in energy.

The T-Systems sustainability strategy

CEO Adel Al-Saleh in front of the T-Systems vehicle fleet

Sustainability is a key area of T-Systems’ future strategy. With the switch to fully electric vehicles, T-Systems is advancing the expansion of charging infrastructure at all locations. The electric charging stations are available for both employees and customers. In addition, T-Systems strives for net zero for direct and indirect energy consumption by 2025. An important milestone has already been reached: The companys electric power has been supplied exclusively by sustainable, renewable energies since 2021.

Sustainability is a fixed component of our strategy. Our electric company vehicles will form one of the largest managed electric fleets in Germany. Every day on the streets, you will see how serious we really are about reducing CO2 emissions.

Adel Al-Saleh, Member of the Board of Deutsche Telekom and Managing Director of T-Systems

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