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Get insights on trending topics and solutions in the new video format of the T-Systems’ CEO

Take a look behind the scenes with Adel

Anyone in for AI and massive, sustainable data centers? These topics are only the kick-off of Adel’s new video format – TechCheck. Join him as he shares his insights on trending topics, relevant solutions, and the teams behind the company T-Systems. Stay tuned for the next TechCheck!

Possibilities for AI in healthcare

Did you know about ten million people die from cancer every year? Next to the heart diseases, cancer is the second leading cause of death around the world. Millions of patients die either due to the delay or incorrect diagnosis.  Artificial intelligence is set to lead the healthcare industry in the nearby tech-driven future. AI technology can be a major support in diagnosing this deadly disease at a much earlier stage. AI-empowered healthcare machines can help pathologists in diagnosing cancer more accurately and consistently, thereby reducing case error rates. That being said, people are still skeptical of the scope of AI in fighting this life-threatening disease. Irrespective of the speculation, Germany continues to establish a strong position in the AI space. Check out this video, where T-Systems’ CEO discusses the use cases of AI not only in the business world but in the medical field as well.

Inside T-Systems’ massive cloud data center in Houston

In this video, let’s take a sneak peek into our humongous Central Secure Cloud Data Center II located in North America. This monumental server farm is the very guts of T-Systems’ wildly successful cloud and digital services. T-Systems’ CEO, Adel Al-Saleh talks about the general infrastructure of the data center, how the power supply and cooling solutions work, how we’ve managed to use green energy, and much more.

Who’s behind TechCheck

Adel Al-Saleh, T-Systems’ CEO and board member of Deutsche Telekom AG, is hosting this new video series featuring trends and ideas designed to help shape the future of digitalization. Follow and connect with Adel Al-Saleh on LinkedIn.

How do we prepare for a digital future?

This is exactly where T-Systems supports as a thought leader with inspiration on innovative topics. Learn how we can shape the next steps into our digital future together.

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