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Mann vor Computer - AWS
28. April 2023 | Security

External Key Management for AWS

Holding the keys to secure enterprises in the near future with External Key Management (EKM) – our blog post explains how it works.

25. April 2023 | Cloud Services

Data Protection – and more – with AWS

Four (not so) secret ingredients to allow processing of sensitive data.

Woman sitting in front of computer screen
11. April 2023 | Cloud Services

Where are your keys, and are they safe?

External Key Management (EKM) can play a valuable role in your AWS security. Learn more The purpose of external key management. Find out in our blog.

Woman looking at a portable tablet infront of a red background
03. April 2023 | Cloud Services

Handle your data effortlessly

Augment your data capabilities and analyze data to make informed decisions with T-Systems Managed Data Warehouse Service.

A hand putting a coin into a jar filled with coins and a hand typing on a calculator
30. March 2023 | Cloud Services

Optimize Your Costs in the AWS Cloud

Learn how to reduce your cloud costs with the AWS Instance Schedule.

Points in waveform
28. March 2023 | Cloud Services

Enable mass Migrations from on-Premises to AWS

How to enable mass migrations to AWS in an enterprise environment with AWS Transfer Family and AWS Service Catalog

3 business men walking with a cloud above their head
14. February 2023 | Cloud Services

The biggest hurdle to digitalization

Address your cloud skills shortage with AWS managed services to implement your digitalization projects.

A white cloud floats in a server room
20. January 2023 | Cloud Services

Can digital growth be sustainable?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

Women holding a tablet.
04. January 2023 | Innovation

Fields of digital innovation: Blockchain, quantum, VR/AR

Explore less mature, newly emerging technologies that are considered important milestones of digital innovation.

03. January 2023 | Innovation

AI and ML System Solutions for Digital Innovation

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be used to address many of the identified targets of digital innovation.

Business people hold a plant together
02. January 2023 | Digital

Time to rethink, isn't it?

Digitization is also about taking responsibility and thinking about sustainability right from the start.

sap on blue background
12. October 2022 | Digital

Major security risk for companies: SAP platform to be phased out in 2027

Understand why it is business critical to consider modernizing your ERP system as soon as possible.

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