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Nov 27, 2018 Denmark is among the front-runners of digitisation. We have a solid IT infrastructure, and we have people who are elite digital users. But still, only a few of the Danish companies have truly ... Find out more
Apr 4, 2018 Each year, Falck and the Danish Emergency Management Agency respond to over 12,000 fires across the country. Every time they approach a burning building, they risk their lives to ensure the safety ... Find out more
Mar 15, 2018 In the past, hidden microphones and fake employees were key tools in companies’ efforts to cheat their way to competitive advantages. Then hacking came. And now, with the arrival of drones, the ... Find out more
May 30, 2017 You know the situation. You just clicked on a link and then nothing happens. You can see that the site is trying to load, but it takes so long and maybe even stops completely. Such infinite load ... Find out more
May 30, 2017 A revolution is happening in the usually conservative insurance business. Where traditional insurance policies have focused on covering the precise risks associated with customer damage and ... Find out more
May 30, 2017 Increasingly, companies and institutions in the Nordic region have begun to discover the advantages of getting their IT power from the cloud. Cloud services, as a result, are beginning to thrive ... Find out more
May 5, 2017 Ten percent of Danish companies do not want to use cloud computing because of reservations about cloud providers’ IT security. This is a misunderstanding, as cloud computing has quickly evolved ... Find out more
May 5, 2017 A growing number of Danish citizens doubt that their personal data is securely stored and handled in governmental institutions and private companies. What will the consequences be if this mistrust ... Find out more
May 5, 2017 By May 2018, companies based in the European Union have to comply with new personal data requirements introduced by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So to every newly appointed ... Find out more