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Cloud first: T-Systems announces new strategy

Full focus on cloud computing in the future - from private cloud to public cloud to hybrid cloud

12. February 2021

Digital service provider gears up completely for “Cloud First”

T-Systems is strategically repositioning itself with cloud services. With “Cloud First”, the company will focus on cloud computing in the future – from private cloud to public cloud to hybrid cloud. To this end, T-Systems has deepened its partnerships with Amazon Web Services AWS and Microsoft. In addition, the Telekom subsidiary is increasingly training cloud experts and expanding its Open Telekom Cloud. In total, investments sum-up to a three-digit million euro amount in the expansion of cloud services.

Everything is becoming cloud. The trick is no longer to operate data centers, but to map work processes intelligently in highly automated infrastructures, which we call cloud computing. We are consistently aligning our company to this.

Adel Al-Saleh, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management and CEO of T-Systems

Close cooperation with hyperscalers

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For example, T-Systems has expanded its strategic cooperation with Microsoft and AWS in recent months. Customers now receive a cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure from a single source with a single invoice. Customers also now benefit from faster migration to the cloud on AWS infrastructure. The range of services also includes the Google Cloud. T-Systems can thus manage multi-cloud landscapes for customers. For all cloud solutions, the IT service provider also offers data security. For customers with the highest compliance and data protection requirements, T-Systems is also expanding the capacities of its own public cloud, the Open Telekom Cloud.

More than 3,000 cloud architects and experts work for T-Systems. The IT service provider plans to equip 5,000 additional employees with deep cloud capabilities.

New offerings for migration to the new IT world

T-Systems will present its new cloud offering for the first time at Accelerate Digital Now on February 16 and 17. The biggest digital customer event of the year will focus on secure migration to the modern IT world:

Future IT Transformation brings legacy IT systems into the modern era. A total of six modules transfer inflexible Cobol programs to Java or Linux, rescue information from old databases or bring mainframe systems into the cloud.

Cloud Migration Framework is the recipe for a fast path to the public cloud. T-Systems experts analyze the initial situation for each customer individually, then automatically transfer the applications to the target platform and support them there.

Unfortunately, the number of cyberattacks on companies’ networks and IT infrastructure continues to rise steadily. Telekom's Security Operations Center keeps an eye on several million attempted attacks on companies every day so that it can intervene if necessary. Increasingly, networked machines are now being targeted by hackers. With its new Magenta Industry Security offering, Telekom is extending its protection to control systems in the manufacturing industry.

Accelerate Digital Now will take place on February 16 and 17, 2021.

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