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T-Systems launches Co-Creation on Sustainability

The Co-Creation Advisory Board’s Inspiration Day brings together idea generators for a greener, more efficient future

27. January 2023

Making progress together

Sustainability is of crucial importance for the future; many of the challenges are already well known. But the path to the destination is often still unclear. On the Co-Creation Advisory Board’s Inspiration Day on March 7, 2023, participants from every industry will lay the foundation for a sustainable tomorrow – with their combined energies, thanks to Co-Creation.

Attaining sustainability together

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Many companies face similar challenges in successfully shaping their futures in an environmentally friendly manner: making their carbon footprint transparent and comparable, from suppliers all the way to the customers. Developing a green energy supply for companies. Monitoring environmental risks along the supply chain and responding automatically to changes in order to become more resilient. Or to scale smart mobility solutions in order to comprehensively reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, from 2024 on, companies with 500 or more employees will be obliged by the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to provide information about their sustainability. Putting off the issue or tackling it only half-heartedly is definitely not an option. The task is now to get expert advice in order to be able to implement sustainability goals more quickly. So surely it makes sense for companies to approach these urgent challenges together. After all, it takes innovations to solve such complex problems. And because genuine innovations need the right framework for them to become a reality, T-Systems has developed the Co-Creation Advisory Board format, a three-part event series at which the participants can pool their creativity with T-Systems and partners. It all starts with the Inspiration Day, under the motto of “Achieving sustainability together!”.

The Inspiration Day is far more than just a talking shop. It is a starting shot and a unique opportunity for companies from every sector to address their challenges and ideas, and to take an active part in formulating solutions.

Stephan de Haas, Head of Co-Creation & Client Consulting

Underway on the Challenge Safari

On Inspiration Day, the focus is already on Co-Creation. Along with presentations by well known speakers two “Challenge Safaris” form the centerpiece of the event. The task is to tackle the most important challenges in the field of sustainability together, to create networks and to exploit innovative energy from a wide variety of industries. What are the existing best practices? And how can new developments be accelerated? For this the participants form groups and discuss the situation at ‘theme stands’, for example. The Inspiration Day is more than just a talking shop. It offers companies a unique opportunity to address their challenges and, in the process, to actively contribute ideas and help to formulate solutions. Attendance is entirely free of charge. At the end of the event the most important challenges will be selected for further consideration in the context of the Co-Creation Advisory Board. Participants who have shown a special level of commitment in the course of the Inspiration Day will receive the “Sustainability Evangelist Award”.

The participants can look forward to encountering these ‘theme stands’ on the Challenge Safari

Overview of the Challenge Safari theme stands

The next steps towards sustainability

The Inspiration Day is followed on May 16 by the Innovation Day. This is where the participants get to know today’s solutions and to test tomorrow’s solutions. They work out how the defined challenges can be overcome, they develop prototypes and then they implement pilot projects. The events are linked in terms of their subject matter and they extend the idea of Co-Creation for Sustainability. Those participants who, following the Inspiration Day, are involved in a Co-Creation, also meet up on April 20 for the Ideation Day.

The Co-Creation Advisory Board is an entirely new format created by T-Systems, which has not previously existed in this form – entirely in line with the motto “rethink the system”. It was specifically conceived with an eye to the challenges of the current period and the needs of companies. In this series of events, the aim of T-Systems is to develop innovations for greater sustainability in collaboration with customers, partners and prospective clients.

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