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Trendbook: Chemistry and Pharma

The 10 biggest business and tech trends driving change in 2022

Change is inevitable for chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises

The global outlook for chemicals and pharmaceuticals is shifting. Amid supply chain disruptions and growing competition, ‘business as usual’ cannot continue. Major European producers must embrace change, future-proofing their models in line with trends for automation, customer-centricity and sustainability. This book explores 10 of these trends in detail and offers expert advice on how to accelerate the change that’s needed in every organization.

Find out what the future of chemicals and pharma looks like

  • How companies are shock-proofing their supply chains
  • How greater computing power can enable emissions reduction
  • Why ‘digitalization’ applies to not just technologies, but also people
  • What companies can achieve by becoming data-driven
  • Best practices for transforming your enterprise


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