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RISE with SAP: Paving the way for innovation

How RISE with SAP combined with the right premium supplier can simplify your SAP S/4HANA migration

2024.07.02Dr. Thomas Wießflecker

SAP S/4HANA transformation: The question is not if, but how?

With thousands of global customers already benefiting from SAP S/4HANA® Private and Public Cloud, many companies are planning to follow suit. The key question now is how to navigate decisions such as public vs private cloud, RISE with SAP integration, and customizations. T-Systems, with decades of SAP experience, is your ideal partner for ensuring an optimal implementation roadmap and greater flexibility.

Orchestrating digital innovation and individual needs for your transformation

T-Systems recently expanded its SAP offering as a premium supplier for RISE with SAP. This provides a significant advantage for companies as they can now leverage RISE with SAP while selecting an experienced partner as their trusted provider for the platform and services. Companies can benefit from T-Systems’ robust private cloud that complies to the highest German data protection requirements (BaFin) and managed end-to-end SAP services. T-Systems also extends a RISE with SAP service level agreement availability of 99.99%. 

With a strong and loyal customer base managing large and complex SAP landscapes, T-Systems operates some of the world’s largest SAP installations and delivers services in regulated environments such as public, banking, and health sectors.

Interesting facts


SAP ERP proposals will be for RISE with SAP, by 2026, resulting in 40% higher annual OpEx for clients. 1


SAP user companies plan to use infrastructure from private cloud or a hosting company. 2

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    Gartner® report: Use These 3 Tips to Unlock RISE With SAP Proposals, Ciaran Hudson, Bill Ryan, Victoria Rowan, 2023, online

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    SAPinsider benchmark report: SAP Infrastructure and Landscape Trends, Robert Holland, 2024, online

Becoming a global and multi-cloud force for transformation

RISE with SAP and the corresponding T-Systems services cover a global scale. The strong RISE with SAP partnership between SAP and T-Systems is available in Europe and most regions globally which makes the efficient and secure T-Systems’ private cloud available for many clients, now also in the RISE with SAP context.

T-Systems also provides operations and management based on hyperscalers and combines these platforms – private cloud and hyperscalers – in integrated SAP services. This makes RISE with SAP fit to the customers’ needs, and to their current and future estate. This global and multi-cloud footprint ensures that our clients can harness the power of RISE with SAP and embark on their digital transformation journey worldwide.

A trusted partner maximizes RISE with SAP and drives business value

A diagram depicting the roadmap to a customer's cloud and RISE with SAP journey

Expert advisors and consultants help navigate the complexities of SaaS adoption, ensuring a smooth migration tailored to specific transformation goals. This includes strategic road mapping taking SAP and non-SAP systems, and RISE and non-RISE estates into account. Knowing that the landscape is quite complex at some clients and that there are individual demands and constraints, T-Systems guides the clients on their journey and provides integration and orchestration also for hybrid ecosystems.

Furthermore, extensive experience in SAP transformations minimizes disruption and unlocks the full potential of RISE with SAP. This goes beyond just cloud migration; it’s about transforming your business into an intelligent enterprise with a clean core equipped with cutting-edge functionalities like AI and sustainability features.

Deutsche Telekom makes the move and rises in the cloud

Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems’ parent company, is currently undertaking an over-arching digital transformation project by migrating and streamlining over 300 of their ERP systems to the cloud. This shift to cloud-based ERP is powered by T-Systems and SAP.

SAP S/4HANA on T-Systems’ private cloud provides access to innovations like AI. T-Systems is providing technical managed services consulting, migration, implementation, and operational support throughout the process. This transformation project will result in significant business benefits, including improved efficiency while also ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR. 

E-paper: RISE with SAP

Is RISE with SAP the springboard for future innovation? Our e-paper provides answers.

Rise to new heights of innovation and resilience in the digital era

A RISE with SAP premium supplier can bring much-needed direction to a customer’s complex SAP transformation journey. As the pace of digital innovation continues to accelerate and with SAP ceasing support of legacy systems by 2030, embracing RISE with SAP with T-Systems as a premium supplier is not just a strategic imperative but a transformative opportunity for organizations to thrive in the digital age. By harnessing the combined power of SAP’s state-of-the-art platform and our proven expertise, enterprises belonging to any industry can embark on a journey of continuous innovation, growth, and success.

As a RISE with SAP premium supplier, we are excited to partner with you on this transformative journey. Learn how to RISE with SAP and thrive with T-Systems.

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Dr. Thomas Wießflecker

Lead Partner Manager, SAP, Deutsche Telekom

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