Menschenfinger und Roboterfinger
2023.05.26 | Artificial Intelligence

Using generative AI on the path to business success

T-Systems supports you on your path to innovative AI applications like ChatGPT. 

2023.04.14 | Sustainability Services

Emotional Sustainability in The Workplace

Corporate sustainability is not just about being green. So, what should the workplace of the future look like?

Man with VR headset in the metaverse
2022.09.09 | Immersive Technology

Discover the Metaverse with T-Systems

What opportunities does the metaverse offer? Technical developments by T-Systems allow this to be within reach.

A businessman giving a presentation in the office
2022.07.13 | Application Services

SAP S/4HANA transformation: setting the right course

How companies can get their SAP S/4HANA projects on the road to success by using the right strategic guidelines.

Two people at a table together in a video call
2022.05.23 | Content and Collaboration

Carefree digital collaboration

How "OpenSource Collaboration" facilitates efficient wireless collaboration while ensuring data protection.

Woman smiling at her screen with four other people on it
2021.10.22 | Content and Collaboration

Digitization has unlocked a new Era of Workplace Optimization

It has now culminated into a shared sense of collaboration, resilience, healthy & a secured work environment.

A hand and a robot are holding gears and meet in the middle of the picture
2021.09.27 | Artificial Intelligence

Ensuring future-proof working models with AI

How AI is changing the world of work, setting up New Work environments and helping to drive innovation with transparent data analytics.

A man paints a big yellow circle on a window
2021.09.02 | Content and Collaboration

Reaching Your Goals using 360-Degree Communication

More than email campaigns: How companies master their multi-channel communication

Two people looking at a screen and gesticulating to explain what they see.
2021.06.23 | Content and Collaboration

Agile in Action – A new Website in 125 Days

How Kanban & Co. have boosted our project management and led to more traffic and leads.

2020.12.17 | Content and Collaboration

A journey into virtual worlds

The virtual TechBoost space brings together Telekom start-ups and business clients.

A man makes a group video call with many other people, behind him through the big windows you can see that the sun is setting
2020.06.26 | Content and Collaboration

Virtual teams: how to ensure they work successfully

From video chat to autogenous training: Virtual teams require a new kind of management culture – and a high degree of self-organization.

Man sees through VR-glasses; the background is dark and there are colourful neon speckles everywhere
2020.06.25 | Content and Collaboration

Sales event in the Virtual Innovation Center

How the Virtual Innovation Center has become a place for real social networking.

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