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Take the fast lane to the future with T-Systems

Innovate, transform, and unlock the benefits of cloud quickly. Get cloud migration without complications

The importance of speed and innovation in business

61 %

of companies expect that running ERP from the cloud will reduce the total cost of ownership 1

77 %

are opting for SAP partners to migrate to SAP S/4HANA by 2023 2

> 50%

of workloads move to public cloud in next 12 months 3

28 minutes

time per employee per day lost to IT problems 4

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    Cloud Security Alliance: “The Impact of Cloud on ERP”, 2019

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    SAP international survey, 2019

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Have confidence from day one

Even if you have a strong idea of the digital use cases that are right for you, it can be harder to determine the structure of the new IT landscape, the mechanics of the cloud migration or the business case for digitalization. This is where T-Systems’ cloud and application management experience can help. With a rigorous evaluation of your current systems, we can determine the potential return on investment, the route to ‘easy wins’, and the optimal selection of public cloud or hybrid solutions for your core processes and applications.

Do more as an organization

In the age of sustainability, business decision-makers have a responsibility to optimize not just their systems but also their people, use of data and environmental footprint. With T-Systems as a digitalization partner, they can embed this responsibility in their organizations: guaranteeing data sovereignty, instilling a future-oriented approach from the top down, and building trust as well as innovation.

White paper: destination Azure – some hints for SAP from the cloud

Transferring SAP environments to the cloud offers many advantages. Find out why so many companies prefer Microsoft Azure when migrating their SAP systems to the cloud and discover valuable tips on how to migrate your SAP systems to Azure.

Take the fast lane to the future with T-Systems

Effective digitalization makes a difference across business units every day. By freeing employees from repetitive tasks, it enables talent retention and more time available for innovation. What’s more, it can unlock a whole new set of agile functions that allow them to evolve quickly and stay competitive in fast-changing markets.

T-Systems has the IT toolbox and the knowhow to migrate businesses to this agile model, quickly and securely. Offering end-to-end services, we can manage every step of the migration, taking care of the details so customers stay focused on the big picture. Take the fast lane!

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