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White paper: Managed cyber defence – round-the-clock resilience

Asia-Pacific's evolving cyber security landscape, barring unforeseen black swans, can be anticipated and prepared for

Cyber security threats may catch you by surprise, but never off your guard

In the past few years, cyber criminals have expanded the scope of their attacks: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are just as likely to be targeted as large corporations and operators of critical infrastructures (CRITIS). In Singapore alone, almost 40% of cyber attacks target SMEs. 

No one is safe from malware; distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can paralyse companies of any size. 

Discover how we can detect and defend your infrastructure against cyber attacks:

  • Cyber defence: in-house or managed service
  • Detection and response: strengthening your defence
  • Power couple: SOC and SIEM
  • Cyber threats: how good are your defences?
  • Always on the safe side: managed cyber defence from T-Systems


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Together, we can protect your perimeter with our managed cyber defence solutions

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