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Enabling Data Sovereignty in the Public Cloud

Learn from IDC and T-Systems experts what you need to consider becoming digital sovereign in the public cloud. 

Data sovereignty in the public cloud

The use of public cloud solutions has been much debated, particularly due to the need to ensure data is secure, has the right location, and is under the complete control of the enterprise. With increasing regulatory demands and evolving international laws, never has this been more important.

Take control of your data

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According to IDCs latest survey, only 28% of Western European companies are fully compliant with the data sovereignty requirements. Digital sovereignty is about having the right and the ability to decide and manage the digital environment and data flows, so it is legally compliant, secure, and efficient. As companies shift business critical applications to the cloud, in particular data sovereignty is increasingly important. However, complexity, cost, and data management related issues are significant challenges. So, is it at all possible to ensure complete data sovereignty in the public cloud.

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This webinar gives you insights to the security considerations you must take in your multi or hybrid cloud strategy. In addition, you will learn about solutions that contribute to solving the business challenges around data sovereignty in the public cloud.

Take control of your data

Address data compliance issues by working together with T-Systems. Our managed data protection service on AWS can solve key data challenges. Our experts can guide you further.

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