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01-Dec-2016 The so-called "digital natives" will take over management positions in the economical, cultural and political area in the next few years. Find out more
30-Nov-2016 Mass collaboration makes possible the use of collective knowledge and furnishes conclusions about client behaviour. Find out more
27-Oct-2016 Virtual collaboration becomes a trigger or respectively the basis of a collaboration strategy. This drives the digitization of enterprises and will provide tangible benefits. Find out more
07-Oct-2016 In his latest blog, Scott Cairns, Chief Technology Officer, talks about Cyber Security. Cyber is a word now synonymous with information security, and whilst its origins hark back to Norbert ... Find out more
30-Sep-2016 Virtual collaboration requires a corresponding company culture. What you should consider when implementing collaboration tools. Find out more
22-Sep-2016 T-Systems connects over two million Daimler vehicles across the globe via Daimler's proprietary connected car platform and it will continue to operate the existing "Mercedes me connect" services ... Find out more
16-Sep-2016 Mark Turner, Vice President of IT delivery at T-Systems Limited, is quoted in the lead article "Brexit could mean more offshore deals for outsourcing" in a Special Report on the Future of ... Find out more
23-Aug-2016 Scott Cairns, Chief Technology Officer Blogs about Evolution of Energy Consumption: Historically it has often been difficult to reinforce the driver for alternate energy sources when the price of ... Find out more
19-Aug-2016 New business cultures und technologies are setting before all companies – from SMEs to global players – great challenges.  Find out more