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Digital data flow on road with motion blur to create vision of fast speed transfer
29. June 2022 | Digital

SAP modernization is a business transformation

Understand why you need to treat your SAP modernization as a business transformation, not as an IT project.

A man in a suit touches his head, stands in front of numerous lines
27. June 2022 | Digital

What Are the Hot Trends on the SAP Market?

SAP S/4HANA transformation, digitalization, and sustainability: these are the challenges facing SAP customers today.

A white cloud floats in a server room
14. December 2021 | Cloud Services

How can the cloud contribute to sustainability?

Cloud expert Thomas Rumpf explains the impact of the cloud on our environmental footprint in his blog post.

Corona virus floating on blue background
08. December 2021 | Digital

Corona Certification Service

Do your employees need to show a valid Corona pass before entering the office?

Laptop, smartphone and tablet overlaying on right hand side
30. November 2021 | Collaboration

The future of work is hybrid

The pandemic in 2020 changed the way we work. However, what did we learn from it and will we go back to the “old normal” of working in offices?

Closed Padlock on digital blue abstract background
15. March 2021 | Security

7 security topics to consider for 2021

What security topics will be fundamental to defensive strategies in 2021 and beyond?

Eine Hand tippt auf einer Laptop-Tastatur.
30. October 2020 | Digital

IT forensics: Searching for clues between bits and bytes

Whether it’s data theft, sabotage or espionage, this is how IT forensics experts help companies after a cyberattack.

02. September 2020 | Cloud Services

Migrating to the multi-cloud stress-free

Companies can start into an integrated multi-cloud future with modern private cloud approaches.

Binary code, blue dots shining in the middle.
16. July 2020 | Cloud Services

Multi-clouds need solid data governance

With data governance, companies retain control over their data in multi-clouds.

Glass building reflects the clouds in the sky
10. July 2020 | Cloud Services

Hospital(ity) in the Cloud

How PT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat Tbk, an Indonesia-based private hospital operator migrated their SAP and non-SAP systems in record time to AWS with the help of T-Systems.

A man makes a group video call with many other people, behind him through the big windows you can see that the sun is setting
26. June 2020 | Collaboration

Virtual teams: how to ensure they work successfully

From video chat to autogenous training: Virtual teams require a new kind of management culture – and a high degree of self-organization.

Clouds against a light blue background in the arm with a smartphone.
10. June 2020 | Cloud Services

Four tips for the multi-cloud

These four tips help companies get the most out of the multi-cloud world.

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