Data spaces, T-Systems, IDSA
29 January 2024 | Data Intelligence

T-Systems and IDSA achieve milestone for data spaces

First certification of a connector promotes standardisation and interoperability.

Robot arm and tablet in a vehicle factory
18 October 2023 | Automotive

Market launch for Catena-X

T-Systems brings manufacturers and suppliers into the automotive industry's data ecosystem.

You can see a robot arm and graphic elements with the words "data".
17 October 2023 | Cloud Services

New digital twin offering - powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

T-Systems offers NVIDIA Omniverse, running on a sovereign European cloud platform.

You can see a car key and a vehicle on the assembly line in production
15 September 2023 | Automotive

1st certified complete offer for connection to Catena-X

T-Systems brings manufacturers and suppliers into the automotive data ecosystem.

Futuristic car drives through a well-lit tunnel
07 June 2023 | Cloud Services

AWS and T-Systems to develop dataspace test environment

First sandbox development environment for the automotive industry based on Eclipse and Gaia-X in the US.

Telekom flags in front of Telekom building
08 November 2022 | Strategy and Consulting

Telekom delivers digitalisation “Made in Germany”

Deutsche Telekom grows with business customers: New unit for digital customer experiences. T-Systems at the core of the digital strategy.

Photo of Jit Seah Sam Au, AI Sales Director at T-Systems Singapore, at the AWS Summit Singapore 2022
26 October 2022 | Cloud Services

AWS DeepRacer League propels machine learning into high gear

Get to know more about our AI Sales Director Jit Seah Sam Au, his passion for AI, and his journey so far with the AWS DeepRacer League.

futuristic car and graphic interface
20 July 2022 | Automotive

T-Systems grows for the automotive industry

From vehicle software to secure cloud computing, all key topics are in focus.

Sensing system and wireless communication network of vehicle
14 July 2022 | Automotive

Cyber threats in the automotive industry are growing, but they're not insurmountable

Automotive cyber security: what you need to know.

Automobile Engineers Designing Electric Car
21 January 2022 | Automotive

T-Systems joins ASAM

Plans to get involved in shaping cloud-based diagnostic concepts for software-defined cars.

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