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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions

Countless employees around the world are now working from home.  When meeting in person is no longer an option, shifting conferences and customer meetings to digital is the next best solution. With extensive services and support packages for network-based communication tools and IT resources from the cloud that can be extended flexibly, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems offers options to keep company operations running in these challenging times.  We are here to support you, so that you can continue to operate your business today and tomorrow.

Free jump start for Microsoft Azure

Free jump start for Microsoft Azure

IT infrastructure should not come to a standstill, especially in times of crisis. When your own data center reaches its limits or IT staff can only work from home, native infrastructure and platform services from the public cloud provide an alternative. T-Systems is now offering a Jump Start Package for Microsoft Azure: 3 months of computing power for maximum EUR 2,000 per month, plus administrator training, configuration per web conference and Managed Cloud Services for Azure Foundation / Advanced.
Work from home

Work securely from home, even without a VPN

What if your workplace is relocated to your home overnight? Business requirements can change suddenly. For example, if employees no longer work from the office as usual but from home, companies must be able to access their company applications very quickly from the home office. With Zero Trust, T-Systems provides companies with centralized remote access to all company applications that are accessible via a network. Since the Zero Trust service doesn’t require a dedicated system environment, additional hardware, and VPN, it can be implemented in a very short space of time (1-2 days). The performance of applications used via the Zero Trust service can be further enhanced with application acceleration. Access and authentication take place simply by calling up a landing page in the browser and via single sign-on.
Work from home securely

Cyber ​​security in the home office

Additional options for secure online work from the home office are increasingly in demand. However, the existing infrastructures often do not provide the necessary capacity. With Private Access Protect Pro, organizations can provide their employees with fast, secure, and reliable remote access to applications and services – all according to their own security policies. This allows you to create mobile workplaces quickly and without limits, while increasing your cyber security.
Social Collaboration with UCC Cloud & Communication

Real teamwork can also be done digitally

More and more employees are working remotely or on the go. They can be contacted flexibly at any time and from anywhere in the world, even in their home office if required. With the powerful Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) solution, work processes can be organized more efficiently in the office, on the road, or from home. Whether notebook, tablet, or smartphone, T-Systems professionally converts the preferred medium for real-time communication into a virtual workplace. Employees can coordinate activities directly with each other and make decisions that are important for their work. This also allows them to increase productivity from their home office. The real-time communication is scalable for the employer – different UCC offers can be used depending on company size, number of users, and security requirements.
Fast connection

Fast connection of home offices to the company network

Mobile working, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are leading to increased levels of interconnection and to greater demands on the operation and management of VPN solutions. With the wide range of scenarios and technologies, there is an increased complexity of solutions and greater qualification demands on the part of employees. This means that the operation of independent VPN solutions is not efficient from an economical perspective for many companies.
Be it mobile devices, locations or equipment, managedVPN offers a common platform for all remote access scenarios. Mobile employees receive device and application-dependent access to company data. Locations and equipment can be connected simply and quickly, and M2M connections can be secured.